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domingo, 1 de junio de 2014

The evolution of technology


            Technology is actually progressing at a lightened speed rhythm and that’s because we invert a good part of our money on it.
For centuries technology progress has been really slow because of different reasons: wars, diseases and the need of survival. Nevertheless some inventions created on ancient times are some of the most important, most useful and simple ones, such as the wheel, the sharp tools (axes, scrapers, needles…) and another ones. From them all other machines have been invented.
There are lots of different ambits of technology:

The war or belic technology is with the electronic technology the most worked on.                  
From spears, mazes, shields and bows passing to belic structures such as towers, siege towers, flamethrowers and castles many years have passed.


 With the invention of gunpowder and the first shotguns the war tactics also changed, as a result the number of casualties in the war increased dramatically.


In the first half of XX century, with the world wars I and II, the development of arms industry reached an unprecedented increase. Firearms were really improved with the creation of the first precise automatic firearms, the tanks and the intercontinental rockets.

sub-machine gun ´´tompson´´ 1928

Domestic technology

            Domestic technology has also improved because with its improvement industry earns lots of money and it is useful for customer because the domestic devices as computers, mobile phones, washing machines, ironing machines, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners …. made life easier.
Most of  this technology runs on electricity.


The revolution of the electronic was based in the microchip

Transport technology

            The evolution of transports has also been very drastic over time. For centuries it was centred on animals that weren’t as quick as now but they’ve used really an ecological bio-energy fuel also called dead rests
About 3,500 BC the wheel was invented in what is now Iraq. At first wheels were made of solid pieces of wood linked together to form a circle but after 2,000 BC they were made with spokes. The invention of the wheel allow transporting greater amount of goods from distant places.
            About 3,100 BC the Egyptians invented the sailing boat. They were made of bundles of papyrus reeds tied together. About 2,700 BC the Egyptians began using wooden ships for trade by sea. The boats were essential to increases the commercial transaction in the Mediterranean sea.
Romans built large merchant ships, steered by oars, which could carry up to 1,000 tons of cargo. The Romans also built lighthouses to aid shipping. They also built a road network.
The Chinese invented the compass that help in sailing
             Although the first cars appeared at the end of the 19th century after the First World War they soon became cheaper and more common.


Jaime Minguela Satre

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