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lunes, 2 de junio de 2014



   Ramadan is the ninth Moslem month known internationally for being the month in which the Muslims for his faith and for his beliefs practise the daily fasting from the dawn until it puts on the Sun.
The fasting in the month of Ramadán is do it for the hours of the Sun, but Moslem persons can eat the dawn and after the afternoon.

The props of the fasting:

   1.       To have present the intention. Here,  it is necessary to have present in the mind and in the heart before the fayr (beginning of the time of the first prayer of the day) and can be said every day, or for the whole month from his beginning.

   2.       Eat something before the first prayer, though only it is a glass of water (Sunna) and before the prayer of the night, when the sun puts on.

   3.       To avoid breaking the fasting (food, drinks, carnal relations…) during the day.

   4.       To look for a condition of peace.

Who must fast?

   The fast is an obligation for the adult Moslem, that is healthy (that isn’t travelling), well be women or man.
People that mustn´t fast are: the mental patient, the small ones, woman during the menstruation, as well as the pregnant woman, the woman who is nursing either that is afraid for his small one…

The fasting of the minor

   The minors are not forced to fast, but the Muslims advise the parents to encourage them to do it in order that they get used and could practise it without much difficulty when they are bigger.  Of course if they aren’t sick.

Is it allowed to whom have breakfast in Ramadan and pay the compensation?

      1. The weak elder whose health can deteriorate.

      2. The chronic patient and that doesn’t have the possibility of recovering the breakfast days.

      3. Those who exercise very hard works and that do not have the possibility of finding other one

It is allowed to whom have breakfast in Ramadan and they have to recover the breakfast days?

            1. The patients with a bad healthy that can deteriorate with the fasting and there is waited his recovery of his treatment.

            2.       In cases to be hungry or be severe that can reverberate very seriously in the condition of the health.

            3.       That it travels it is allowed to him have breakfast.

*27 of Ramadan, according to the tradition, it began the revelation of the coran to Mohammed. In recollection of it is celebrated in the Islam the Night of the Destination.

                                       HAJAR HAMMOU DAHMANI

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