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miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

The Lion

Los Leones y sus Caracteristicas
The lion is a carnivore Animal class , they eat meat, for example they zebras, buffalo, antelope , etc ... are mammals and large .  Measuring about 3.3 meters tall females are about 2.7 meters long , including the tail .They can weigh about 270 kg and its size is huge . 1 meter high . Average weight of 125-180 kg . They are very active at night and rest day , living in the jungle , on the savannah , where shrubs , and besides all is the king of the jungle. Her hair is soft . The Lion constumbres are: hunting , sleeping, playing around with each other, etc ... They can live up to 25 years , some may exceed this age. Lions are capable of killing people, but when the lions get sick , injured or old hyenas attack and eat slowly .In relatively recent times the habitat of lions spanned from the Iberian Peninsula to the west of India , and most of Africa. In Europe , the lions became extinct in historical times.

                                                Mauna Rabhi

lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Group Scout "La Purísima nº87"

Group Scout "La Purísima nº87"

I talk about my scout group. We are in El Palmar, and we do a lot of things to help the people and be happy. Because when you help people you feel a lot of things that can´t be described. What is more beautiful than a smile?  more than see people happy ?
Here we do a lot of activities: Camps, night of cinema, to help associations, ecological barbecue,... I´m proud of my same one for the things that I am capable of doing and today I am six years in the scouts and I want to continue. For me is the best feeling of my life. When the people ask me what are you doing in the scouts,  I don´t know the answer  becouse you need To live it to know what is. I love the scouts and I have never seen anything similar


sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013



Hello , I want to speak about the traditional costume that women use in Morocco to go to a party.

The  caftan  is  a  costume  used  by  women  in  Morocco, this costume is chosen for its quality and nobility , also these costumes are embroidered with gold and silver

They  are  several  styles  of  kaftan: one type for staying at home, the other one for going to parties

Yasmina  Boujekhrout

viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013


This is a pop - rock - punk band. These components are from Canada. They are five: Chuck Comeau, Pierre Bouvier, Sébastien Lefebvre, Jeff Stinco and David Desrosiers. They are formed in 1999.
        - Pierre Bouvier is the singer.
        -Chuck is the drummer.
        -Jeff is the lead guitar.
        -David is the bass.
        -Sébastien plays the rhythm guitar.

They have won a lot of national and international awards. Like:

  1. Teen Choice Awards, in 2005 and 2008.
  2. MTV Video Music Awards, in 2003 and 2004.
  3. MTV Asia Awards in 2006.

Last year they have won two MuchMusic Video Awards, one NRJ Music Awards and one Juno Awards.

He is Pierre Bouvier in a concert
I think this band is a very good band. They have a lot of very famous songs like: "Summer Paradise", "Welcome to my life" (Two of my favourites. I'm sure that you have heard these songs) "Save you", "Your love is a lie" or "Can't keep my hands off you".

I found a video of this band singing "Welcome to my life" with much audience.
Listen to the song and then answer my questions:
Have you heard this song before?
Did you know that this song is from this band?
If you didn't know that before, now you know it.
And the last one: Do you like it?

  This is their youtube channel.
  http://www.youtube.com/user/SimplePlan?      feature=watch

Have a look at the channel and you'll notice that they have more songs that you know.
Simple Plan in concert
Simple Plan's public


 María López Vigueras

jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013


I will talk about my favorite movie;
the movie is called 17 Again. It is about a man named Mike'Odonell, he has failed in his life and lost his family.
One rainy night, he fell from a bridge and got home (actually his friend's house and ran out of the house) looked in the mirror and saw that he was 17
It happens all this, the question of recovering his family.
Personally, I love the movie because it is funny.
I encourage you to see the movie.
Here you have the trailler.

The actors are:
Zac Efron as Mike O'Donnell (Teen).
Matthew Perry as Mike O'Donnell (Adult).
Leslie Mann as Scarlett (adult).
Sterling Knight as Alex O'Donnell.
Michelle Trachtenberg as Maggie O'Donnell.
Allison Miller as "Scarlett" (teenager).
                          Hajar Hammou Dahmani

miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

Maher Zayn

Maher Zayn is an arabic singer. He was born in Sweden, when he had eight years old, he travelledd to New York. He had got his  first disc of Kat DeLuna, in 2007. He will be famous more than others singers. He is an pop singer, her songs are usually in english and french, but he sometimes tells words in arab. He has got twenty nine years old he has a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering before he is a Singer  he was working in a music player. Right now he has got twenty nine songs.
                           MY LITTLE GIRL  

 HOLD MY HEND                                                    
 And thats all....Ihave hope you lie it. That is my favourite singger.....And what's yours?


Swan Fyahbwoy.

Swan Fyahbwoy.

Swan Fyahbwoy is a famous singer of reggae, who was born in Madrid (Spain) the 15th of December of 1979. He is 33 years old. He is known as "Fire Boy".
He has been always influenced by his father because he is a musician. He started his artistic carreer at the end of 2005 when he writes and makes his first theme "Nuh Real Shotta" Nowadays he has only written three album "Ni Dance Ni Try" "Innadiflames" and "Extremely Flammable".

-Alex Sánchez Urrea-

lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

Daddy Yankee

                                                         Daddy Yankee

 Daddy Yankee is a singer from Puerto Rico, he was born on February the 3rd of 1977.
 His music style is the reggaeton, its music is very heard in America and Spain.
 Their first album was The Empire Nazza: King Daddy Edition.
 These are their songs:
 1ºAnything had changed
 2ºThousand problems
 3º Calenton
 4ºThe new one and the Former one                                                    5ºWhere this party
 6ºBreak it Cars       http://youtu.be/LIwHBpTlo6I
 8ºSound Boom                                                            
  9ºAn answer
 10ºAllow it to fall
 11ºI am the Boss

 In 2006 he was qualified by magazine Time as one of the 100 people most influent of the world and in 2009 he was named by CCN as a influential celebrity.

                                          - Iván Jiménez Manzano-


This year the trends of fall and winter have been going strong especially in prints , prints that are present in trousers, skirts, sweaters and shirts.
Here I show a few trends that will be seen everywhere:

During the summer we saw the emergence of "crop tops " , this trend was in all stores, this winter we will view them as sweatshirts or T-shirts but this time will be long sleeves. The only problem that I see is that the "crop tops " are much better with nothing below but of course , by this time we will need another shirt underneath.

This print we could see other years but in very specific things . But now is when we'll actually see on T- shirts or trousers. Clothes are full of flowers in any color or size, generally roses will prevail. I really love this trend because it gives it a very fixed with a simple shirt and jeans. And if you prefer a t-shirt or sweatshirt you can go casual but not completely.

We return to the trend that was about four years ago . The famous plaid or "tartán print" is what takes more this year. There are all tips of clothes and shoes for girl or boy, so that even if you have nothing not wait to buy some tartán print.

What do we mean by animal print ? We refer to wear clothes or shoes with the skin of an animal , not real , stamped .
Especially this year the tiger , zebra and leopard dominate
Last year we also saw a T-shirt but nothing else , unlike this fall / winter we will see a great variety of things.I find it very funny, we should be very careful when we combine this print to give maximum prominence to the garment.

And the last trend is a trousers: the jeggings are a mix between jeans and leggings.This mixture results in a super skinny jean yet elastic waist and leg. Visually there is no difference with the typical jean. In my opinion the jeggings are better than any other pants, for comfort, for its elasticity and it feel really good.

And yet could speak of trends such as leather, denim shirts, heeled boots with the sole toothed or wool. But I think the most important are all are.

Stefanía Muñoz Martínez



His true name is Ben Haggerty; he is an American rapper of Washington, U.S.A. since 2000.When he started to sing, he was independent.
But today he collaborated with his friend and producer Ryan Lewis, the violinist Andrew Joslyn, and the trumpeter Owvor Arunga.

He sang thrift shop with Ryan Lewis and he reached number one on the U.S.A. Bill board Hot 100 chart in 2013.

Their second single, "Can´t hold us" also peaked number one of the Hot 100 chart.


AURYN, the best band.

Hello I am a big fan of the music so I will tell you about my favourite boy band.
It is a Spanish band called AURYN.
They have 5 singers. Their names are: 
Alvaro, Carlos, Blas, Dani and David and I will explain you below:


Alvaro Gango was born in 02/10/1989 in Madrid.

He was an actor in a theater when he was a child.
He loves singing and going to the party.


Blas Cantó was born in 26/10/1991 in Murcia

He is very cocky but he is a good person.
He loves sleeping and singing too.


Carlos Marco was born in 04/02/1991 in Alicante.

He is very funny and very prankster.
He loves  talking on the phone and loves singing too.


Dani Fernández was born in 11/12/1991 in Ciudad Real.

He is always happy.
He is very cocky and he likes his t-shirt  `Geek´.
He loves singing and he loves football too.


David Lafuente was born in 03/05/1988 in Granada.

He is very, very funny and he likes going to the party but he is very tidy.
He loves singing.

They has two albums 

Endles Road 7508                                                     



 The album Anti-Heroes have some song in English and  Spanish too:


And the album Endles Road 7508 have some song in English and in Spanish too:



                     THESE ARE THEM
                                                     Yolanda Escámez Ortiz 

domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013


Twilight is a famous international Saga of vampire-themed fantasy romance novels. It's formed by four books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) and it's written by an American author called Stephanie Meyer. There are also more books about the Saga,like The short second life of Bree Tanner and Midnight Sun. 
 It’s about the complicated love between a human called Bella Swan and a vampire called Edward. When Bella, a ‘danger magnet’ whit dark hair and brown eyes, moves to Forks with her father Charlie, she meets the Cullen, an unusual family composed by Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, Rose, Alice, Jasper and, of course, Edward. They are ‘vegetarians’ vampires, with an extremely beauty and awesome powers (Edward can read all the minds except Bella one, Alice sees the future and Jasper controls the feelings). But the love problem comes when Bella meets an old best friend called Jacob, because he is in love with her too, like Edward and he belongs to a group of werewolves, the natural enemy of vampires. Also, Bella has other big problem, her blood smells very good for all the vampires and she knows too much about the vampire’s world.

-In the first book, the Cullen’s family must save Bella of three nomad vampires, Victoria, Laurent and James, because the third of them wants to drinks Bella’s blood. James hunts humans with a delicious blood only for fun; it’s a game for him. He sets a trap to Bella; he makes she believe he has her mother. Bella almost died, but Edward and his family comes at time and they kill the hunter.

-In the second book, Edward thinks his family is too dangers for Bella and they moves to other country, but Alice see Bella jumping in the ocean in one of her visions, and she goes to Forks for confirm it. But when she knows Bella is saving, Rose tells Edward what happened in Alice’s vision and he thinks really Bella is died. Edward visit the Volturis (vampire royalty) because he wants died too. When Bella and Alice know it, they drive as faster as they can to Volterra for save Edward’s life. Edward had planned exposed to sun light fore people, because any humans can know vampire really exist, then the Volturis kill him for break theirs most sacred rule. Bella save him. But she fights for first time with the Volturis, they think she knows too much. Finally Alice shows Aro (the boss) one vision, in which Bella is a vampire. While Aro lets Alice, Edward and Bella go, but he makes them promise to turn Bella into a vampire, if not, the Volturis will must kill her.

-In the third book, Victoria returns to get revenge of Edward for Kill James, but she isn’t alone, she created a group of newborn dangerous vampires (called neophytes). But all the werewolves join up with the Cullen for save Bella and kill Victoria.

 -The Saga changes in the last book, when Bella gets married with Edward and later she gets pregnant. Her baby is a mortal hybrid (half vampire and half human) who grow very faster and is too hard for Bella. Wherefore, when the baby born, Edward turn Bella into a vampire to save her. The love problem with Jacob end when Renesmee born (Bella’s daughter) because he finds soul mate in her. And the problems with the Volturis almost end too, but when a vampire called Irina see Renesmee, she thinks she is an immortal child (his creation is a crime) and she tells to the Volturis, causing a horrible problem for new Bella’s family.

( * Have powers / Couple/  Died)
1-MAIN CHARACTERSEdward Cullen*-Bella Swam, Jacob Black,  Carlisle Cullen-Esme Cullen, Alice Cullen*-Jasper Hale*, Emmett Cullen-Rosalie Hale and Renesmee Cullen*.

-Wolves: Sam, Leah Clearwater, Paul, Jared, Seth Clearwater,  Collin and Brady.
-Human: Charlie Swam, Renee Dwyer, Emily Young, Harry Clearwater-Sue Clearwater,Billy Black, Quil Ateara, Lauren Mallory, Mike Newton-Jessica Stanley, Ángela Weber-Eric Yorkie and  J.Jenks.
-Volturis: Aro*-Sulpicia, Caius-Athenodora, Marcus*-Didyme*, Alec*, Chelsea*-Afton*, Corin*, Demetri*, Felix, Jane*, Heidi*, Renata* and Santiago.
-Newborn vampires created by Victoria: Bree Tanner, Riley Biers and others.
-Vampires of the Amazons: Kachiri, Senna and Zafrina*.
-Vampires of South America: Nahuel and Huilen.
-Vampires of Denali: Eleazar*-Carmen, Irina-Laurent, Kate*, Sasha, Tanya and Vasilii.
-Vampires of Egypt: Amun-Kebi and Benjamin*-Tia.
-Vampires of Rumania: Stefan and Vladimir.
-Vampires of Irland: Maggie* and Siobhan*-Liam.
-Nomads vampires: Alistair*, Charles*-Makenna, Garret, James*-Victoria*, Mary, Peter-Charlotte and Randall. 

+All descriptions (of characters)List of Twilight characters
If you want know the full story of the Saga, you must read all the books or see the films. I know you will love them, because it’s an interesting, amazing and unusual vampire story. 
Meanwhile I show you an important piece of music in Twilight Saga, called 'Bella's lullaby', Edward wrote it for Bella.  I thinks it's very beautifull and I hope you love it too.

The vampires have never been like that :)

Laura Alonso Molina 3bx

Funny rooms (;

Do you want to decorate your room in a different and original way ?

Do you have little space and you don´t know where to put your things?

I present you the new technologies that make possible everything:

 A perfect room for kids with imagination.
This room has got a lot of  space and funny colors. There they
can sleep, do their homework, save their clothes ... They can do more
things having the same area.
I like this model because it looks like a loft in a little room with high ceilings.
The orange and the brown make a pacific place in the house.

This is a very funny house of the reverse in the middle of the forest. It can attracts many people of different parts of the city or of the world because people like taking photos of rare things.
The furniture is also of the reverse so you gain very much space.

The family that will live in this house it won´t be happy because I don´t think that they will be enable to use the furniture. I would like to live here and I either recommend it for you for the previously mentioned reason.


This room is my favourite one because is wonderful and it has got an incredible conference under the sea.
It looks like a submarine in the sea bed.
It hasn´t any problem because the house is perfect. The only thing that can be a nuisance is the price. This house costs about the million dollars!

María Kravchynska. 


                               Welcome to Storybrooke...

Welcome to Storybrooke, Main, a city that doesn' t appear in maps, where nobody can go out, get old or remenber what did they do a few years ago.But is it going to be always the same? No, it isn't. All the life as people in this city have known will change with the arrival of Emma Swan, the only one person that can  come into Storybrooke although she doesn't know that... 

Once Upon A Time is an american  TV-programme made by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz with the music of Mark Isham. It was premiered on the 23th of October 2011 in the channel ABC . It's happens in Storybrooke, Main , a seaside city where the people living there can't remenber what  they did some years ago or what is their age. They  can't also get old, but they don't notice that . It was always the same until an stranger comes to the city. She's Emma Swan a 28 years-old girl without family and that work finding people. She comes there because Henry , her son that she gave in adoption, comes to her flat  to bring her to the city. Then , he told her that all the fairy tailes are true and the people of this city are the characters of them, but they don't remember that because of Regina, the Evil Queen, also as know as the stepmother of Snowhite cast a spell to all the fairy tales' characters for to bring them to a place where doesn't exist the happy endings, our world. First, she doesn't believe that but after she met Henry's stepmother, the mayoress Regina Mills, she decided to stay a little time there for to see Henry. She went to Granny's House,an hostel , where she met Mr.Gold ( Rumplestilskin), the owner of the city  who received Emma like he knows who is she. Finally, the clock of the town hall starts running again and the time unfreezes. 

This TV-programme has got three season , where Emma and all the good characters try to have their happing endings but it isn't easy because there are many bad characters and 'all the magic requieres a price' as Rumplestilskin used to say. ABC is the first channel that put the episodes but you also can find them in AXN, AXN White or recently in Antena 3. Now the second season had finished and I'm going to see the third one in AXN White when it will starts on the 22nd of  November. All the episodes has got two parts : one where the time it's on the present and another where you can watch what happens before Emma comes to the city incluiding those fairy tales parts. Below you can find a little list of the main characters of this fantastic series.
Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan
-Josh Dallas as David Nolan ( Prince Charmig)
-Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret Blanchart ( Snowhite)
-Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills ( Evil Queen)
  -Robert Carlyle as Mr.Gold( Rumplestilskin)( The beast) (The crocodile)

                                                        -Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills 
-Emilie de Ravin as Lacey ( Bella ) 
                                 -Michael Raymond-James as Neal Cassidy ( Baelfire , Rumplestilskin ' son)
Raphael Sbarge as Dr.Archie Hopper ( Jiminy Cricket)
-Meghan Ory as Rubí ( Red Ridding Hood ) (The wolf)
-Jamie Dornan as Sherrif Graham Humberr (The hustman)
-Eion Bailey as August Stand ( Pinocchio ) 
-Lee Arenber as Leroy ( Grumpy)
-Beverly Elliot as Granny ( Widow Lucas , Red Ridding Hood ' s granny)
-Keegan Connor Tracy as Mother Superior ( The Blue Fairy ) 
-David Anders as Dr. Whale ( Dr. Victor Frankenstein ) 
-Tony Amendola as Marco ( Geppetto )
-Giancarlo Esposito as Sydney Glass ( Genie/ The Magic Mirror )
-Sarah Bolger ( Princess Aurora)
-Jamie Chung ( Mulan)
Julian Morris ( Prince Felipe)
-Robbie Kay ( Peter Pan)
-Rose Mclver ( Tinker Bell)
-Joanna García ( Ariel )
-Gil McKenny ( Prince Eric ) 
-Ethan Embry as Owen Flynn/Greg Mendell 
-Sonequa Martin-Green as Tamara
-Sebastian Stan as Jefferson ( Jefferson , the Mad Hatter )
-Barbara Hershey ( Cora / Queen of Hearts / Regina's mum)
-Alan Dale as Albert Spenser ( King George )
-Jorge García ( Antón )
-Anastasia Griffith as Kathryn Nolan ( Princess Abigail  , King Midas' daughter)

I really like this series because although it's sometimes difficult to understand, Once Upon a Time is really exciting and amazing. If you like fantasy , mistery and adventure series it's going to be perfect for you. Finally I recommend all the people to see it because it doesn't looks like really fairy tales for children and in the list of the characters you can see that they  aren't the same as we imagine in books. For to end this entry I just want to put something that Cora and Regina used to say  and I hope you like it .

'Magic is power'

-Andrea Martínez Cazorla-