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sábado, 7 de junio de 2014


What do you know about Australia?
This country is form by descendants of British people and immigrants from European, Asian and African countries, so it's very multinational.
 Everyone who visit Australia see dangerous animals: snakes, spiders or jellyfish and they can take photos of typical Australian animals such as kangaroos or koalas.

One-third of Australia is desert, specially the center, so the people live in the coast (90% of people). There are more kangoroos than humans, and adding the number of animals we can say that there are more animals than humans in Australia, and that makes this country the country with less population density. More than a half of the population is situated only in 5 cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Oceania is the smallest continent but is the only continent that is a country, and it's one of the biggest countries.

Britain discovered Australia and used it as a prision for convicts, so, now, about 25% of Australians have ancestors who were convicted.

Sydney is well known for its harbour, Port Jackson that is the biggest natural port on earth, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but even more for its amazing beaches, such as Bondi. What you can see in the photo is the Opera, for me, it is one of the most beautiful things in Australia in which you can listen to music or shows.

In Australia is very frequent to see people surfing. This country has the best beaches in world. And also, there are a lot of competitionss very interestings.

Kangaroos are the tipical animals in Australia.
When someone hear the name of the city, they automatically think in kangaroos; or maybe in koalas. Its name comes from a word in the language of Australian aborigines when they were talking with the Britains, that means: 'I don't know', because they can't understand each other, so the name of this animal comes from a mistake.

Kangaroos are the only big animals that move jumping. There are much more kangaroos in Australia than humans; about two or three kangaroos per person.

Australia is quite unknown to a large majority of people who just know that is the country of kangaroos.

Australia is one of the countries that more carbon dioxide emits per habitant, making it one of the most polluting countries. It's very sad, because Australia has a lot of animals and it's not healthy for they all the contamination. I think that Australia is one of the most beautiful countries, but they have to pollute less. Also, is one of the most concerned countries with animals. People who don't respect the animals will have very serious mulcts, because Australians always say: "Everything in its place."

The Great Barrier Reef is in Australia, in the Coral Sea and is the largest coral reef in the world, measuring over 2,000 kilometers. Often it's called as the world's largest animal alive. 


You can find a big amount of fish, sharks,shellfish, four hundred types of coral, whales, dolphins, porpoisesand and famous endangered animals such as the great green turtle or the dugongo.

I have started to write about Australia because I wanted to learn more about this country and I think I have done it. I didn't know anything about the origin of 'kangaroos', about the Great Barrier Reef, the amount of animals in this country... I think it can be one very special place to visit and everyone should do it.

María López Vigueras

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  1. Amazing entry about a wonderful country!!!! :) :)
    I hope one day I will go to Australia to visit all the awesome things that it has.
    And, of curse, I want to see Kangaroos.
    They are so cute and adorable ♥ Don't you think?