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lunes, 9 de junio de 2014


                                        TEENS AND NETWORKS


It has been shown that current social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti ... etc ... increase the risk to suffer from brain-vascular disease, cancer or dementia due to alter the way our genes work. When teenagers depend on the current technology makes distance themselves from real life, increases the psychological changes of each person and  also increase the rate of the duration of illness or death.


* One of the problems that can arise through social networks is the lack of privacy: this is a big problem because adolscentes begin to post photos, videos etc  about his personal life  forgetting  that are accessible (public) and everyone can see them and misused them.

* Another problem that can arise is the waste of time, because being online for a long time , although there needs it, causes teens to engage in the social network and this could even cause psychological problems. To make others forget the best studies and other activities to be locked all the time with a computer or laptop.

And these are some of the problems that can cause  many social networks . And there is  only a solution  that teenagers try to control their addiction to social networks and devote more time to his real life, his family and other activities that do not require at all to any technological device.

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