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lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015



Small yellow beings, created with the same mutant DNA's chain (Looking for the perfect workers, they were created by a mix of mutant DNA, fatty acids and two cups of mashed bananas), who was living on Earth since before humanity... 

What is their rason for living? 

Their instinct always leads them to find the GREATEST villain of every age to serve him...

If they aren't slaves of some villain, 

his life is meaningless, 

they are gradually turned off, 

they fell lifeless. They could even died :(

How do they look like? What is their character?

There are a lot of minions, friendly and funny, serious and dull, fat and thin, tall and short, with two eyes and one eye, with more hair and less hair, too much choice to define them in the same way. But, absolutely everyone of them are so cute and a little bit stupid and goofy, but, that doesn't mean that they aren't great and loyal friends.

Regarding their clothes, their description is quite simply. They always wear a cowboy dungarees with a front pocket where it is carved a G (A initial that represents their current villain's name, Gru), round glasses which enlarge their eyes widely (the most characteristic appearence,that they have always worn from the beginning), and a simple black shoes. 

What do they like?

They especially love bananas and everything related to parties. Nobody knows why :/
Besides eating bananas and throwing parties, they also love singing and they seem to do it really good :)

What about their humour?

They have a pretty peculiar one; on whose top is found a word that makes them crack up laughing...

And their language?

The most curious thing about these little yellow creatures is their peculiar language, that nobody understands wholly, except, possibly, them.It's a mix of Indian, French, Spanish and Italian words

Some examples: 

ENGLISH                         BANANA LANGUAGE

Hello! ----------------------------------- Bello!
Goodbye! ------------------------------ Poopaye!
Thank you! ---------------------------- Tank yu!
Are you ready? ---------------------- Machi da?
Can we start? ------------------------- Pwede na?
Fire! Fire! ------------------------------ Bee Do! Bee Do!
I'm hungry! --------------------------- Me want mantoca!
Ugly! ----------------------------------- Bananonina!
I swear... ------------------------------- Underwear...
We love you! ------------------------ Tulaliloo ti amo!
I hate you! ---------------------------- Tatata bala tu!
Toy -------------------------------------- Baboi
By your side --------------------------- Te lah keh
What ------------------------------------ Po ka
One -------------------------------------- Hana
Two --------------------------------------- Dul
Three ------------------------------------ Sae
Apple ------------------------------------- Bable
Ice cream ------------------------------- Gelato
For you ---------------------------------- Para tu
Chair --------------------------------------Chasy
I'm sorry --------------------------------- Bido
Kiss ---------------------------------------- Muak
Don't look at me anymore! ---------Stop luk at tu! 
I'm cooking meal --------------------- Banana planachi

What are their names?

We only know a few names of all of them, especially we know the names of the most famous ones. 
Who are they? Take a look...

¿Minions on the screen?

They have been part of two films where they are Gru's servants, and these little creatures have been so successful on display that, this summer, a new film (based on everything that happened to the minions before Gru) will premiere...

 Some videos...

Enjoy them!!