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domingo, 8 de junio de 2014

The Altantis

The Altantis

The Altantis is the name of a legendary island. The island
disappeared in the sea. The Atlantis has always been one of the most mysterious items of the history of the world. Platon spoke about the Atlantis in the dialogs “Timeo” “Critias”. The island supposes that it existed beyond of Hercules' columns. (Strait of Gibraltar). It is the bigger island of the world; it is bigger than Asia and Libie together. The Altlantis is a precious island; in her was living a very advanced civilization. This civilization had numerous resources. Platon told that the island disappeared 9000 years before his epoch. When the land was distributed Poseidon received this island. (Poseidon was the god of the sea and the brother of Zeus) Poseidon fell in love with Clito, an human girl. They had ten children. Atlas was the first-born one and he inherited the Atlantis. The name of Atlantis comes of Altas. The civilization of the Atlantis deteriorated because of the absence of divine blood. Then, Zeus to punish the people he assembled the other gods. They decided to destroy the island.
There aren’t proof about the existence of the island and because of that there are a lot of theories:
  • ·         The people were specialists in the physics and the island disappeared after a nuclear explosion
  • ·         The island is in the zone of Bermuda Triangle. At the back of the ocean there is a magnetic sphere responsible for the mysterious events that happen in this zone. This magnetic sphere, it is the reason of the collapse of the island.
  • ·         Platon spoke about Creta, an island, and it can be that Platon utilized a lot of rhetorical figures to describe it.

I don´t know if it is a real o fiction story but I love the legends and I think it is a really interesting one. You can learn very much of history with the legends. You can discover the thought of people in this epoch. I really enjoy reading it!!!

Andrea García Luján

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