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viernes, 31 de enero de 2014


Lizzie Velasquez is an American woman of 25 years and she has an illness that only two people in the world have. The illness makes it difficult to gain weight (she has never weighted more than 29kg) and she can not see by one eye. When she was born his parents were told she would not survive, but they rather be frightened, they took her home and loved her. At this conference, Lizzie talks about her past, when she started kindergarten and how her classmates watched her different. All she wanted when she was young was to wake up one morning and that the illness will disappear. She looked ugly, and felt like the other children get away from her. He suffered bullying.

At one point in the conference she asks: "What is it that defines us? What defines who you are as a person?" At first she thought it was her appearance what defined, but she was wrong. Thanks to the great emotional support around her, she realized that she could not let the illness define her as a person. The life of each is put into our hands. Each one decided if we go in the right direction or the wrong; we define who we are as a person: "You're the one that defines you."

This woman, nicknamed 'the ugliest woman in the world', endured insults from strangers and suffered very much, but began to realize that her life is in her hands. She learned to see the positive side of things and she satart realized that she could not focus only on bad things, she would not let anyone define who she is: "I'll let my successes and achievements be what define me. No my appearance."

She learned to change the critics of others into something good to help her to become in someone better. She decided to become in a motivational speaker and write a book. And that's what she did. Lizzie is graduate from university, she has a major in English and a degree in communication studies. She says us to use the negativity of our lives to be better persons.

Here you have her conference. For me, is a very motivational speaker and I really reconsider these ideas. She is a warrior and I think she is very brave to face the bad things in her life.

María López Vigueras

lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

"Somethings are perfect when start to finish"

                   -Ways to live forever -

"The question hasn't known the humanity for centuries: How would to die? First, think of ways to live forever ''


1. My name is Sam

2. I am eleven years old.

3. I collect stories and fantastic facts.

4. I have leukaemia.

5. By the time you read this, I will probably be dead."


This is the story of Sam McQueen, an eleven years old boy with leukaemia. Since a little time ago , he didn't need to stay at the hospital. I t's because he is going to die. Maybe tomorrow, the next week or in a year, but he is going to die. As he say: ' Going to die is the biggest waffly thing of all. No one will tell you anything. You ask them questions and they cough and change the subject'. Although it really looks a miserable future, Sam is not sad, almost not all. He just want to investigate many things as a real scientist and find all the answer of  the questions that the grown-ups won't answer to you. He also makes a list of other things he want do before he die. Unfortunatly, all these things are practically imposible. Are they really imposible? Not for Felix, the best friend of Sam and a laughing at the world boy with leukaemia too. In his opinion, nothing is imposible and he becames in the genie wishes of Sam, making reality all Sam's wishes...well, in Felix's way. Also,Sam is writing a book about him and his life, where we can see how is the life by himself. Surrounded by his strong family, we can see the hard truth about the leukaemia in childs.


     1. Be a famous scientist. Find things out and          write books about them.

     2. Break a world record. Not an athletic one,          obviously. A silly one.

     3. Watch all the horror films I’m not allowed to                                                                                                                  watch. 15-certificates. Or 18s.
How do you kow that you've died?"                        4. Go up down-escalators or down-up                                                                                                      escalators.

                                                                                   5. See a ghost.

                                                                                   6. Be a teenager. Do teenage things like drink      and   smoke and have girlfriends.

                                                                          7.Ride in an airship.

                                                            8. Go up in a spaceship and see the Earth from  space."

Now, I 'm going to talk a little bit about the author of this wonderful book. She's called Sally Nicholls. Actually, she lives in Oxford but she was born in Stockton-on-Tees the 22 of June 1983(age 30).Her dad died whe she was two and then, her brother and she were brought up her mother. Since she was young she knew she is going to be a writer. She loved to read books and write stories and thinking about new ones during the break in her school. Her and friends has a secret group like the Secret Seven and she cut her hair like George in the Famous Five. She said that she was a bit tomboy but I don't think that ride in bike and climb trees is that. Almost she wasn't like pre-teens and she was more like a real child. She went to two high-schools and before she did her a bachelor's degree at the University of Warwick, covering Philosophy and Literature, she travelled around the world. Sally reached Australia and New Zeland, following a period of been in Japan at a Red Cross hospital. She enrolled in a masters in Writing for Young People in Bath Spa University. There , she wrote Ways to Live Forever. In 2009, Sally won the Bolton Book Awards for Ways to Live Forever. She has also written other books like Clouse Your Pretty Eyes, A Lily, A Rose , All Fall Down and Seasons of Secret . And finally, she is a regular at Quarker meetings including Young Friends General Meeting.
Here you can find more information about her and her books. It's her web page :Sally Nicholls' web I hope you find it as interesting as I found it! :)


    Yes, this fantastic book has also a film! And it isn't one more film, it is in my opinion, "The Film". 
This film is obviously based in the Sally Nocholls' book and it has been directed by Gustavo Ron with the music of Cesar Benito. It has been released in Spain on the 29 of October in 2010. Gustavo Ron knew since the first moment he read the book that it has to be a film, the story really touched him.The film received a positive review by the critics and  has also support many organisations ,in the fight to cure leukaemia, lymphoma and other pediatric cancers, like LEUKAEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY or People Agaisnt Childhood Cancer . Here it is the official page of this film with extra videos, photos of the filmig , a message from the director and lots and lots of more amazing facts about this movie: Ways to live forever movie's official web page
 I will put here the cast:
-Robbie Kay as Sam, the main- character of this story. A boy with leukaemia that like fantastic facts , UFOs and want to feel like a real teenager.
-Alex Etel as Felix , the best friend of Sam and also a boy with leukaemia. He is a really  jokely boy and he lives each minute of his live doing the most unusual and crazy things you can imagine.He has a wheelchair, and he  is straightforward.
-Ella Purnell as Kaleigh, Felix's cousin and  Sam's first kiss
-Ben Chaplin as Sam's dad.He is hard-working and he loves his children but first, he dosn't want to admit Sam's illness.
-Emilia Fox as Sam's mum. She is a relly strong women that support everything appens to her family without crying and doing her job as mother as well as she can.
-Eloise Barnes as Ella, Sam's sister. She is a really creative girl, though she wants all the attention to her but she really loves her brother a lot.
-Greta Scacchi as Sam and Felix's tutor(Mrs.Willis) that want to teach them many things about the life and how to appreciate it and also "fun stuff" as Sam and Felix say.
-Phyllida Law as Gran, Sam's grandmother, also a strong women, widow and really kind.
-Natalia Tena as Annie or like she likes to tell herself Dracula, because she is a nurse that rides around on a pink scooter and attend and put blood to the ill children like Sam and (although we don't see it in the film ) Felix. 

This film has also wonderful sceneries like this one, where the character Sam, Felix and Mrs.Willis write their list of wishes and things they want to do.

Do you understand know why I really like this story? If you don't I will say that for me it has been one of the most beautiful and realistic stories of sadness and happyness at the same time , with laugh moments and others ones where you will like to cry. It is an story that says you: "appreciate each moment of your life , laugh , be happy because there are others that can not have or do the same things as you  and if those characters of this story that represent real people and real facts can be strong and smile, WHY NOT YOU? " For me it has also been an story of overcoming , hope and love of life. I really hope my opinion makes you see this movie or/and read the book because I promise that it really worths...


Andrea Martínez Cazorla

lunes, 13 de enero de 2014


Mary Poppins 

Have you ever heard the name of Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins is the main character of a series of children’s books written by P.L Travers. 

From the moment Mary Poppins arrives at Number Seventeen Cherry-Tree Lane,  everyday life at the Banks house is forever changed. She cares, in a very peculiar way, Michael, Jane, John and Barbara Banks.

Mary Poppins is a very special nany. She always described herself as a person "practically perfect in every way". With her, everything can happen. From travel around all the world in less than half and hour, until to get into a picture. 

But, she never openly acknowledges her strange and magical powers, and feigns insult when one   of the children refers to her previous adventures. 

She travels around the world helping all the children and always with her talking parrot umbrella, her beautiful hat decorated by flowers and her deep suitcase, from which she can take all kinds of things.

Disney Film (1964)

"Mary Poppins" is a musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney and based in P.L Travers' books. 
It caused a lot of headaches to Walt Disney, because the writter didn't want to sell her books. At the first, Pamela thinks Walt Disney films were silly and she didn't want to see her most precious character converted into a silly cartoon. But, after 20 years, Pamela finally allowed the film. 

Its story is simple: Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) travels to Banks House to help Mickel (Matthew Garber) and Jane (Karen Dotrice ), because their busy parents haven't got enough time to see how much their children need them. 
With this peculiar nany, the children see and live many adventures. For example, they saw Mary Poppins while she was talking with a dog. Also, she measured them with a magic measuring tape that indicates their attitude. Other fantastic time is when they met the best friend of Mary, Bert (Dick Van Dick), who is a chimmeny sweep and  a painter, too. And the most important, they learned an awesome word:"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

Finally, Mary Poppins leaves the Banks house flying with her umbrela. But after, she teaching a lot of important things to the childrens and also to their parents.

Musical (2004)

 Years later, Mary Poppins met Broadway.  

 The musical had a lot of fame, and many  diferents famous people saw it, even Julie  Andrews. "Bitten by the curiosity", she went  to the theater to see it. At the end of the  showing, Julie said to the actress who  interpreted Mary Poppins: "You are a worthy  succesor"

Other film (2014)

 This year, Mary Poppins come back to the  cienema. But now, a little bit different.

 This new story called "Saving Mr.Banks",  explains (from a peculiar point of view) as  Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) persuaded P.L  Travers (Emma Thomson) to make a movie of  her beautiful books. Also, this film shows a  new thing which can be true...
 Can Mary Poppins was a real person?

Laura Alonso Molina 3ºbx


I have chosen to write about a very famous singer who is very important for me, Michael Jackson. He was born in Indiana, United States the 29 of October in 1958 and he died the 25 of June in 2009, California.

Michael Jackson was a very good singer, but was also a musician, dancer, actor, composer, producer, choreographer, businessman and philanthropist. Before singing alone, Michael Jackson had a band with
his brothers called The Jackson 5. He did his best album, Thriller in 1982 and people love it and was the highest selling album in history and became the best singer pop so is also known as The Pop's King. Him music styles
are R & B, pop, rock, soul, funk, disco and new jack swing and his tone is countertenor. In a stage and a microphone, he was able to conquer the people who listened to him, for it conveys that feeling in every song.
Michael Jackson won a lot of awards for example, has been included twice in the Hall of Fame Rock, to broken records in the Guinness World Records, got 26 American Music Awards and 15 Grammy awards in many music categories.
The best video of Michael Jackson was "Thriller" and "You Are Not Alone" which was number one a lot of time. Here I put the music videos for you to see them:



                                                                                                                    MARÍA AROCA JULIÁN 

domingo, 12 de enero de 2014

HOW TO INVENT SOMETHING? jaime minguela sastre

   Have you ever thought I can invent ?
 what can I do for doing my life easier 
 than now ?
 You can study and think all the time that
  you won't probably think about something 
 new,useful or concrete (you can think in
 revolutionary cream but you can not process
 it and there are lots nowadays)
 For example the microwave and penicilin 
 have been created by mistake.
 But if you aren't thinking on it you
 will probably discover something(if you
 observe your environment)
 That was the reason because of humans
 have succeeded in survival.
 We are perfect at the time of inventing 
 because of our enormous brain.(In comparation  with another animals)

 Our creative capacity is not normal and 
 evolution has ´´runned´´ more than normal
 in the creation of our brain like it is now
 Lots of crazy people think that aliens have
 experimented with monkeys and created the  first ´´human´´.But that´s ridicoulous. 

 Someday someone will create things like  ingravity systems and others but that´s too
 far from now.