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miércoles, 11 de junio de 2014

Evolution of technology and important discoveries


 What is the technology? Is it only the design of new machines?
All of us know what is a rock and a lamp but, do you know that the rock was the object that produced light the first time?
What discoveries gave us the egyptians?
When appeared first glasses?
Have you ever compared the first telephone and the actual IPhone?
How was the first car?

 The technology is the set of objects, knowledge, activities, processes and sociotechnical systems.
Methods to do something, skills, innovations, tools, machines... all of them are victims of technology, from the new computer to the pencil and the process of its creation.

Cave of Altamira in
In the Prehistory, it was discovered the fire
Their tools were made by rocks, wood and strings.
They also had clothes but these weren't of wool or leather, they were made with animal skin.
People in this age liked play instruments but their instruments were stones, animal bones or wooden flutes.
Prehistory's art was a little bit strange. They used blood or stone pigments to fabricate their colours. Their paintings were simple but with an important meaning.
The wheel is one of the most important inventions that a human have ever created.
The wheel was very important because people had to transport big rocks and animals to their caves.


This period of time begins with the invention of the writing.
It was invented the sword because there were a lot of wars and the warriors needed weapons to fight.
In Mesopotamia, it was invented the toilet, that was a hole in the land.
There were invented some tools like the spoon.
The mill was created to break seeds of wheat through a stone mechanism.
They started the exchange facilitated by the coin.
In the ancient egypt was created the first alphabet with 24 lettres.
The map was an important invention because it helped explorers to find new zones.

The wheel was also very used in the Ancient Egypt by emperors and workers.
Egyptians have created river dams to facilitate the transport of water.

Polichrome paintings decorated all buildings.
They started the mummification of important people such as Cleopatra.
 The balance is an instrument created by egyptians and wich is still used.
The plummet was a simple tool that helped them to see if a wall of a building was horizontal or not.
They created the plow pulled by animals to facilitate their work.
Egyptians were the first civilization who created the pulley system.
They also produced the first wooden boats, linen cloth, papyrus and glass.


In this period of time, people promoted the technology. 
They invented and discovered a lot of useful things and they improved their knowledge:
·Obtaining of sugar from sugarcane.
·The classical chess.
·The pen.
·The rubber ball.
·Horseshoes for horses' hooves.
·Square musical notation.
·Gun powder.
·Card games.
·Harpsichord, similar to the piano.
·Tinplate for armor constructions.
·Cannon (made with iron or bronze)
·Lenses. In Mesopotamia, they wanted create them to light a fire. In Italy, they created convex lenses with a handle to see bigger the lettres. A century later, appeared the concave glasses for myopia. 
·Printing press (In Germany, by Johannes Gutemberg). This is an other invention that revolutionized the history.
·Alarm clock.
·Oil paintings.

People created clothes (shirts), weapons (hand grenades, guns), tools (pencil, microscope, telescope, mercury thermometer, centigrade thermometer, rule, calculator, color paper...), instruments (piano), machines ( knitting machine, automobile, submarine, sewing machine...) and some objects (umbrella, pendulum clock, condom, oil lamp, hot air balloon, parachute, propeller, gas turbine...).
The first knitting machine, 1768.
Galileo Galilei invented the first thermometer in 1592. But, in 1714, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit created the mercury thermometer and Anders Celsius created the centigrade thermometer in 1742.
The game "Snakes and ladders" was created in the Modern Age.
The first piano was Italian, created by Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1700.
The metric system was one of the most important advances in this age.

Miguel Servet developped his theory about circulatory and pulmonary systems in 1532, and Edward Jenner developped the Smallpox Vaccine in 1796.
We can't forget that in 1492, Columbus discovered America and this event was the begin of important travels to and from this continent.

Two hundred years ago , began our Contemporary Age, in wich the technology advanced very much. People created new machines and objects that helped to develop us .
They also developped theories about almost all things that we know and about things that we haven't known yet.


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