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viernes, 6 de junio de 2014


A little about Naruto

Naruto is a japanese manga series written and ilustrated by Mashashi Kishimoto. Naruto was published in 1997, the manga was adapted into a television anime, wich was produced by Studio Pirrot and Aniplex. The series is based on an one-shot manga by kishimoto that was published in the August 1997 issue of akamura jump. Naruto has two parts: Naruto (when he was a child) and Naruto shippuden (when he is a teenager).
Naruto has one of the best soundtrack that i have listened, that soundtrack was created by: Toshio Masuda and Takanashi Yasuharu.


This story is about a boy, called Naruto, he is discriminated by all the boys of the Leaf village, he is discriminated because he has the kyubi (a gigant fox with nine tails that destroyed all the village, and the fourth-hokage sacrificed himself for trap the kyubi inside his son) inside himself and nobody wants to stay next to him, because they think that he is dangerous, but Naruto has a dream, and that dream is be the hokage of the Leaf village, but the way wont be easy.

Naruto is in the ninja's academy and he is the worse student, but he wants to do his dream and he will never surrender, he joins in the Kakashi's team, and his partners are, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and the captain Kakashi Hatake, he does a test in that he must to steal a bell that Kakashi has, if u catch the bell you pass the exam but there are only two bells, Sakura and Sasuke catch the bells and Naruto doens't pass the exam but his partners want to pass the exam together and Kakashi permit them to pass.
Little by little Naruto becomes more powerfull and Jiraiya trains him, to learn the rasengan, one of the most powerful techniques that don't destroy yourself, Naruto trains very hard and he improves his technique and learn how to use the rasengan.
Sasuke leaves the Kakashi's team and he becomes in a renegade ninja, that wants to destroy the villa, Naruto doesn't want to think that Sasuke wants to destroy the villa and he tries to return him to the village and because of that Naruto fights versus Sasuke but Sasuke win the fight and leave the village.

That isn't nothing about the complete story but if you want to know more about Naruto you only have to see the anime or read the manga, I love very much Naruto and i think that is one of the best animes that i am watching, because Naruto hasn't finished still.

Naruto is funny and interesting.

Francisco Baños Hernández

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