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viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014


People dance since prehistoric times to the present. Dance has been changed in that time. It is a type of expression that uses body movements to transmit feelings from choreography or improvisation. It's a movement in the space with rhythm. We can find some forms of dance, as:

  •  Tango 
  •  Charleston 
  •  Flamenco 
  •  Greek Dance 
  •  Aztec Dance 
  • Moderns - Hip-Hop
  •  Ballroom dancing

  •  Hip-hop 
  •  Rock n'Roll 
  •  Funky 
  •  Electro dance 
  •  Breakdance 
  •  Salsa 
  • Classics - Ballet
    Traditionals - Flamenco
  •  Jazz

  •  Ballet 
  •  Contemporary Dance 
  •  Contemporary Ballet
  • Contemporany Jazz

Now, I'm going to explain my favourites dances: First, BALLET, it is an argument by music and dance. Its origin is in the court of king Louis XIV in France as a show that joins poetry, dance, music, architecture and painting. The Twentieth century is considered as the ballet's century. It's needed a lot of control of the body that has to be acquired as young as possible and a lot of discipline and concentration, because each step has a function and is perfectly connected to the music, so you can't make even the minimum mistake. Hands, knees, legs, arms, head, feet and whole body in general is in a complete harmony.  We can highlight pieces of Tchaikovsky like: Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker or Swan Lake; and Stravinsky, as: the Firebird or Pulcinella. For me, people who dance as well as the girls in this video have done a lot of work, and is very interesting to watch it and think in all the time that they have spent doing this. 

The ELECTRO DANCE mixes differents types of dance such as hip-hop, vogue, disco, popping... It's based in the movement of the hands. It's often free and  you can make the shapes that you want. Also, it's based in geometrics shapes to form with the body. It has a lot of difficult because you have to be very concentrated in the music, the movements and the choreography in general. It can be slow or fast, depends of the person and how he wants to do the speed. It's is often danced in teams; you have to put strength in steps, occupy the whole stage to dance... There are a lot of competitions of this type of modern dance. I think it's very complicated because of the coordination, but also because of the music, that is difficult to dance and to fit the movements, but is very interesting to watch and to learn about it. 

TANGO. This type of traditional dance has its origin in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Enrique Santos Discépolo, which is one of the most importants characteres in the world of tango, said that it's a sad thought that is danced, because of the emotional relationship of each person with his body and the bodies of the dancers together. It's danced in pairs, but you can dance tango alone. It has binary or tertiary form, that makes interesting the way in which the dancers introduce the movements.

CONTEMPORANY JAZZ is my favourite type of dance and the one that I enjoy the most. The best in contemporany jazz is improvise. You can dance it when, where and how you want. For me, it's the most expressive dance in the world. You need a lot of concentration and you have to feel the music to dance it well, if you don't feel it, you can't dance it. It's about to express something by movements. If you haven't finished watching the other videos, you have to finish watching this one; it's very expressive and worth to watch it. In my opinion, contemporany in general is the best type of dance. I hope you like it much as me.

If you don't want to try to dance, I recommend you to see some very well documented films in the world of stage and dance, such as: Black Swan, Save the Last Dance, Footlose, Dirty Dancing, Chicago, Billy Elliot, Top-Hat, Centre Stage: Turn It Up, Stomp the Yard, Step Up, Make it Happen, How She Move, Bring it on, Grease and all the musicals... 

Dance is the best way to express things that you don't know how to say, and people don't believe it. For me, that's true, and if everyone dances, the world would be more happy, and people don't believe it, either. 

María López Vigueras

4 comentarios:

  1. I love DANCE :) And I love your entry, too :)
    My favorite type of dance can be ballet; because I have danced it during five years of my life and I think that it is really beautiful. A few years ago, I saw the Russian ballet called Swam Lake by Tchaikovsky (that I have enjoyed very very much). In that moment, I found really difficult all the wonderful movements made by professional ballet dancers. And I still think the same. You must have a really good talent to do all of these movements.

    1. María López Vigueras5 de junio de 2014, 15:31

      I'm agree with you, it's very difficult to dance it and very beautiful at the same time, thank you.

  2. Fantastic, excellent job. I remember watching the Swan Lake and it was an amazing experience, a form of art full of sensibility and expressivity.

    One question. When are you going to dance in class?