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jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2014


HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality. It tries to promote the equality between boys and girls, However, it's a very complicated work because of the society where we live. Gender equality isn't just a women's issue, but a human rights issue that requires the participation of everybody. We have to pledge to take action against all forms of violence and discrimination. As some famous people say:
 ¨Lifting women up lifts up our economy and lifts up our country. We've got to make sure that somebody is standing up for them.¨ Barack Obama.
 Ït's an ojective fact, that if you want to solve some of these huge, kind of bigger problems of extreme poverty, you have to include the women. They are the ones who will get it done.¨ Matt Damon.
¨Violence against women and girls is a global problem; it harms women, families, communities and societies. We can only stop it by working together. Women and men.¨ Ban Ki-Moon.
 It seems to me that the violence against women is not something that can be passed high. This campaign ensures that gender equality is fulfilled.
In HeForShe you can see a map of the world that shows you how many men have been committed.
In Spain: 3,617; EEUU: 57,287; UK: 26,360; Congo: 7; Leshoto: 5; Panama: 89; Sierra Leona: 4.
As you can see, there are a lot of people that have committed, but it isn't in all countries.

I have done an interview with Maria Dolores from 4ESO C and she has given me her view:

-  What do you think about violence against women and not gender equality?
-  It doesn't seems right to me because it doesn't apply the same human rights because of the sex, and it's an injustice to give more value to men, For me, gender violence is the same. Men think they are better, and it isn't right.

- Do you think that in our society you can find gender equality or men still thinking they need to have more rights?
In many situations there are equalities but although there are people educated from childhood you can often hear comments for example in relationships such as 'what do you know, if you're female?' or 'go to scrub'. So, there are men that still thinking like women are not people.

- What's your opinion about the movements and the companies like HeForShe that tries to promote gender equality?
- I think that trying to make us see that we are all equal and their work seems to me great and with future. Thanks to these movements and companies many men and women are being sensitized. 

- And finally, how long you think it will take to be all equals?
I can't know that because it depends of the attitude of each person. But hopefully not take too long because it is a problem that needs to be removed.

Maria Dolores can't say an exact number, and she's right, because the attitud is very different in each person, but it will take long time, sadly.

I want to show you a youtube video of Emma Watson speaking in front of the United Nations about gender equality and trying very important issues that if you listen carefully it will reach your hearts and help many people to reflect on women and men.

Emma Watson speaking in front of the United Nations


miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014


     Sad news. The entry I don't want to write.

     I must go to another High School so I won't be your teacher anymore. This entry is only to say you goodbye and I really wish the best in your studies and in your future life.

     It is a pity because you were really special students and I will miss you a lot. I was full of new ideas and projects but unfortunately (or not, jejeje) we won't develop them.

     Goodbye and good luck everyone!!!!

     Carlos Zapata

     P.S. The school project is over but the blog is yours, keep it alive!!!

martes, 1 de julio de 2014



The actors that went to the Fairy Tales First Convention. Hon Bailey
(The Hunter/Sheriff Graham) , Sarah Bolger ( Princess Aurora) , David Anders
 ( Dr.Frankenstein/ Dr. Whale) and Keegan Connor Tracy( Blue Fairy/
Mother Superior)

As in the  Fairy Tales Convention Chapter I , some actors from one of the most popular series of the moment (to learn more about the series look at ABC' OUAT page ), came to Versailles( France ). It first happened on December and this convention was organised by Xivents.

Seeing the success of this event, Xivents organised another one Fairy Tale convention ; this is the one I'm going to talk about:



                  AND THE GUESTS THIS TIME WERE:




miércoles, 11 de junio de 2014

Nelson Mandela

                                   NELSON MANDELA

He was born on July 18, 1918 in Mvezo, Cape.

Five years herding sheep and calves. He was one of 15 children of Henry Mgadla Mandela, chief advisor of the Supreme Leader Thembuland, who at the death of his father became tutor Mandela. Upon completion of primary education at a local mission school, studied at the University College of Fort Hare to obtain his Bachelor of Arts and where it comes into contact with politics and meet Oliver Tambo. Both took part in a student strike in 1940 which led to his expulsion from the center. Then he meets Walter Sisulu, who gave him a job at a law firm.

In 1944, along with Sisulu, Tambo and Anton Lembede, founded the youth wing of the African National Congress (ANC). It became the national secretary of this organization in 1948 and although he was opposed in principle to collaborate with other racial groups, changed his mind in 1952 during the course of the so-called 'Campaign Challenge'. Therefore advocated joint action against the government policy of apartheid. At this time, it was already national president of the youth wing of the ANC and, Tambo, had founded the first law firm run by blacks in South Africa. In December 1952, he was arrested under the Suppression of Communism Act (Suppression of Communism Act). Although his nine-month sentence was put on hold, was forbidden to attend meetings or leave the district of Johannesburg. This prohibition was renewed repeatedly over the next nine years. Despite this prohibition, he continued to work with the leaders of the ANC. In December 1956 he was, along with 156 other people, tried for treason. The trial lasted until 1961 and ended with the acquittal of all charges. After the Sharpeville massacre, in which 69 black citizens were killed by the South African security forces during a demonstration against apartheid were banned ANC and Pan Africanist Congress (PAC). In March 1961, in order to avoid arrest and a new prohibition, Mandela went underground and, with Sisulu, secretly ran the country to organize a three-day strike. In June 1961, the ANC leadership decided to launch the armed struggle and formed the Umkhonto we Size ('Spear of the Nation), the armed wing of the ANC, with Mandela as the leader. In January 1962, he left South Africa and went to the Pan-African Conference in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia); Later he traveled to Algeria, where he trained for guerrilla warfare, and finally to London, the city where he met with leaders of the opposition in exile. He returned home in July of that year and was arrested on August 5 on charges of rebellion and leaving the country illegally, so he was sentenced to five years in prison. While in jail, the police searched the ANC headquarters in Rivonia. Most of the leading members of this organization were arrested; also confiscated several documents, among which was the diary written by Mandela during his trip abroad.

He and other activists were tried in what is known as the Treason Trial Rivonia. Lasted from October 1963 to June 1964 and conducted his own defense and that of the other defendants. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. For over 25 years he was the world's most famous political prisoner. Spent eighteen years in prison on Robben Island before being transferred to Pollsmoor (Cape Town) in 1982, in which an international campaign was launched for his release. During the years he spent in prison on Robben Island, he was forced to perform hard labor in the mines of the island lime works. Were not allowed to wear dark glasses and sun reflections on the lime damaged his eyes forever. While in jail, his mother died and one of his sons, but was refused permission to attend his funeral. In 1985 he refused the offer Pieter Willem Botha President parole on the premise that the president was not willing to change its position on apartheid.

The government of President Frederik Willem de Klerk released Mandela in February 1990, after legalizing the ANC and other political parties. Mandela assumed leadership of the ANC and led the negotiations with the government between the difficult years of 1990 and 1994, when it often seemed that the negotiations were to break and explode violence. In 1991, the South African regime repealed the last of the laws that formed the legal basis for apartheid. Mandela and de Klerk shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to establish democracy and racial harmony in South Africa. In May 1994, after the first general elections in which all racial groups (including blacks) were entitled to vote, Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. On assuming office as president gave up a third of the salary and created the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Following parliamentary approval in May 1996 of the new South African Constitution, Mandela himself signed it in December of that year to thousands of people in Johannesburg, thus ending the period of democratic transition began with his release from prison in 1990 and also meaning the disappearance of the coalition government formed by the ANC and the National Party of Frederik Willem de Klerk. Mandela became definitely, in 1997, the undisputed leader of African international relations, mediating several conflicts, as in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) in the first half of that year eventually spell the end of regime of Mobutu Sese Seko.

The June 20, 1999, Mandela hands over power to his successor, Thabo Mbeki, and retires from politics, at least formally. Since leaving office held several positions of leadership in various areas, including negotiations on the conflict in the Great Lakes region.

In July 2001, Nelson Mandela's office announced that former South African President, suffers from prostate cancer.

Mandela was married three times and had 5 children. Winnie Mandela, ex-wife, was arrested on charges of fraud and theft in a case of bank loans. His last wife is the former first lady of Mozambique Graça Machel.

He received more than a hundred honorary degrees and awards from around the world.

Nelson Mandela died with his family at his home in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, around 20:50 local time on December 5, 2013, at age 95.

The former South African president and leader in the fight against Apartheid years ago dragged from a delicate state of health. He was hospitalized on June 8 this year in Pretoria, due to pneumonia, which kept him out of official acts. His last public appearance was in 2010 during the World Cup held in the country.

there are some photos of nelson mandela:

Nelson Mandela



                MARÍA SHARAPOVA

María Yúrievna Sharápova was born the April 19, 1987 in the Soviet Union, she is one of the best players tennis in the world and Russian model. Sharapova began her tennis career when she moved to a resort of Shoni with her parents.

In 2004 at Wimbledon, Sharapova became the third youngest player to win the tournament and the second woman in the Open Era. In 2007 she participated in 7 tournaments without winning any, but being a finalist in the Open and Australia in Birmingham, plus a semifinalist in Istanbul, Tokyo and Roland Garros.Sharapova becomes world number one the August 22, 2005. In 2014, she participed in: Australian Open Series , Brisbane International, Open EE.UUU.,  Open GDF Suez,  Dubai Tennis Championships,BNP Paribas , Mutua Madrid Open, Roland Garros and she manages to get first in career to the WTA Tour Championships

Sharapova won five Grand Slam: the open australia in 2008, the Roland Garros in 2012 and 2014, Wimbledon in 2004 and the EE.UU. Open in 2006. Sharapova finally this year is the number 5 of the world.


Evolution of technology and important discoveries


 What is the technology? Is it only the design of new machines?
All of us know what is a rock and a lamp but, do you know that the rock was the object that produced light the first time?
What discoveries gave us the egyptians?
When appeared first glasses?
Have you ever compared the first telephone and the actual IPhone?
How was the first car?

 The technology is the set of objects, knowledge, activities, processes and sociotechnical systems.
Methods to do something, skills, innovations, tools, machines... all of them are victims of technology, from the new computer to the pencil and the process of its creation.

Cave of Altamira in
In the Prehistory, it was discovered the fire
Their tools were made by rocks, wood and strings.
They also had clothes but these weren't of wool or leather, they were made with animal skin.
People in this age liked play instruments but their instruments were stones, animal bones or wooden flutes.
Prehistory's art was a little bit strange. They used blood or stone pigments to fabricate their colours. Their paintings were simple but with an important meaning.
The wheel is one of the most important inventions that a human have ever created.
The wheel was very important because people had to transport big rocks and animals to their caves.


This period of time begins with the invention of the writing.
It was invented the sword because there were a lot of wars and the warriors needed weapons to fight.
In Mesopotamia, it was invented the toilet, that was a hole in the land.
There were invented some tools like the spoon.
The mill was created to break seeds of wheat through a stone mechanism.
They started the exchange facilitated by the coin.
In the ancient egypt was created the first alphabet with 24 lettres.
The map was an important invention because it helped explorers to find new zones.

The wheel was also very used in the Ancient Egypt by emperors and workers.
Egyptians have created river dams to facilitate the transport of water.

Polichrome paintings decorated all buildings.
They started the mummification of important people such as Cleopatra.
 The balance is an instrument created by egyptians and wich is still used.
The plummet was a simple tool that helped them to see if a wall of a building was horizontal or not.
They created the plow pulled by animals to facilitate their work.
Egyptians were the first civilization who created the pulley system.
They also produced the first wooden boats, linen cloth, papyrus and glass.


In this period of time, people promoted the technology. 
They invented and discovered a lot of useful things and they improved their knowledge:
·Obtaining of sugar from sugarcane.
·The classical chess.
·The pen.
·The rubber ball.
·Horseshoes for horses' hooves.
·Square musical notation.
·Gun powder.
·Card games.
·Harpsichord, similar to the piano.
·Tinplate for armor constructions.
·Cannon (made with iron or bronze)
·Lenses. In Mesopotamia, they wanted create them to light a fire. In Italy, they created convex lenses with a handle to see bigger the lettres. A century later, appeared the concave glasses for myopia. 
·Printing press (In Germany, by Johannes Gutemberg). This is an other invention that revolutionized the history.
·Alarm clock.
·Oil paintings.

People created clothes (shirts), weapons (hand grenades, guns), tools (pencil, microscope, telescope, mercury thermometer, centigrade thermometer, rule, calculator, color paper...), instruments (piano), machines ( knitting machine, automobile, submarine, sewing machine...) and some objects (umbrella, pendulum clock, condom, oil lamp, hot air balloon, parachute, propeller, gas turbine...).
The first knitting machine, 1768.
Galileo Galilei invented the first thermometer in 1592. But, in 1714, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit created the mercury thermometer and Anders Celsius created the centigrade thermometer in 1742.
The game "Snakes and ladders" was created in the Modern Age.
The first piano was Italian, created by Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1700.
The metric system was one of the most important advances in this age.

Miguel Servet developped his theory about circulatory and pulmonary systems in 1532, and Edward Jenner developped the Smallpox Vaccine in 1796.
We can't forget that in 1492, Columbus discovered America and this event was the begin of important travels to and from this continent.

Two hundred years ago , began our Contemporary Age, in wich the technology advanced very much. People created new machines and objects that helped to develop us .
They also developped theories about almost all things that we know and about things that we haven't known yet.


martes, 10 de junio de 2014


Charles Chaplin as Charlot

Have you ever watched any Silent Era's film? 

They are wonderful and amazing films that too much people have forgotten today. This is one of the reasons for I have decided to do this entry about Charles Spencer Chaplin. 
Have you ever heard this name?
Well, Charles Spencer Chaplin was a famous British actor, producer, director, comedian, composer and writer. He is known for his role as Charlot pending the Silent Era.



The fist of all, you have to know a little of Charles' story, Don't you think?

He was born in London (England) on April 16th, 1889.

His parents were music-hall artists. His father, Charles Spencer Chaplin, was an actor and singer; and his mother, Hannah Chaplin, was known on the show as Lily Harley. 

Charles Chaplin Sr.jpg
Charles' father
Charles' mother
During his life, Charles suffered his parents' divorce, his mother's madness and his father's alcoholic problems and later, his father's dead (when he was really young). 
Because of that, Charles spent the biggest part of his childhood and adolescence living in the street or in different orphanages; but, always with his brother Sydney.

After the early death of his father, Charles was obliged to work in vaudeville. He made ​​puppeteer, clown and dancer since age five; when he did his first public appearance, replacing his mother in a London theater. But, he debuted on stage at 8 yearsSince this moment, he continued acting with different theatre companies. 

Charles as a child

When Charles was 21 years old, he entered in the mimes' company of Fred Karno thanks to his brother's help (who was getting famous with this company) After seeing Charles' obvious talent, Fred sent him on tours in the United States (doing different sketches).

In these tours, Mack Sennett, who was an innovator of slapstick comedy film (it's a comedy's subgenre, that involves exaggerated physical activity) offered to Charles a contract, and he went with him to California with a big reputation of good comedian. There, he discovered the cinema world and he started to act as the protagonist in many Hollywood's films.

Charlot's first appearence
Later, Charles began to direct his own cinematographic creations and in 1914, Charles debuted in the film Making a LivingIn which he appeared for first time as Charlot; a drifter who wears wide leg trousers, gigantic shoes, a bowler hat, a bamboo cane and a distinctive mustache. 
With this special character (created by him), Charles became into the highest-paid movie star of the time in 1916.

His career as Charlot was just beginning...



Charles made ​​many wonderful films and short films during his life. But they are too many for me to explain. So, I decided to choose a few, which I consider his best creations...

I hope you will like it!!!!

A DOG'S LIFE (1918)

This film is a review of the money society since Charles Chaplin's point of view. Also, it's a kind of tribute to the dog, our best friend; because, the film shows how a relationship between a person and a dog can be stronger than one between two humans. 

Summary: Charlot, drifter  without any hope in his life, has just lost his last opportunity to have a job. But, when he saves a dog called Scraps form the attack of others; suddenly, all changes

Both becomes into the best partners. Charlot always tries to bring his new friend to everywhere he goes. He even hides Scraps into his pants to get it into a restaurant. This is the most famous part of the film, because it seems like Charlot has a tail.
Later, in the same restaurant, Charles meets a beautiful singer and he falls in love with her. At the same time, some thieves steal the wallet of a drunk. Scraps (the real hero of this film) discovers the theft, giving to Charlot and his lovers a radical life change...

My opinion: although I haven't finished watching this film, I can say that all the scenes that I have seen, have seemed to me really wonderful and surprising. "A dog's life" is a lovely film that you should see at least one time in life.

THE KID (1921)

This film is the most famous of Charlot. It was a fantastic film, in which he reflected a lot of himself. Charles was inspired by the cruelty of his own childhood and the recent death of his son to make this film.

Summary: A very poor London woman called Edna leaves her child in a millionaires car, without any option of keep him with her. Although, when some thieves come to steal the rich car, the child ends in the street. Where Charlot, a drifter, decides to care him
Charlot and his adoptive child, survive in a poor neighborhood. They get the money to eat, doing funny and different mischieves. But, they live happy and peaceful. However, five years later, the mother, turned into a popular singer, will try to separate them...

My opinion: this is my favorite silent film with difference. Also, it's one of the few films with which I have cried. "The kid" has all the necessary things that make perfect a movie, since the best drama from the funniest comedy. I recommend this film to everyone ;)


This film is a funny review of the growing technological society of that time.

Summary: Charlot is a normal worker, that is elected to test a new technological creation that helps to improve the the workers' performance. 

But, when it fails, Charlot, full of stress, gets crazy. Finally, his boss sends him out the factory.
When Charlot is walking along the street, without notices it, he is involved in an illegal manifestation. Because of that, he goes to prisonThere, he helps to control a riot without notices it (again). Thanks to it, he is released. Once outside, he returns to the fight for survival. But, this time, with the company of an orphan girl who he meets on the street and with whom he falls in love...

My opinion: for me, this film is very funny and amusing. It has bad moments, too; but they only make the film better (trust me).  Moreover, since my point of view, "Modern Times" has the best movements ever made by Charles. 


This film is the talkie (a film spoken) of Charles, and it was a great success. It is a review against Nazism and dictatorships in general. In the film, Charles defines the Nazis as "machine men, with machine minds and hearts." He plays two roles, the dictator Adenoid Hynkel (Adolf Hitler parody) and the Jewish barber. This one is a representation of the drifter Charlot. Also, this film is generally considered Charlot's last appearance.

Summary: A young barber is injured and hospitalized when he is fighting in a war for his country. Long after, he leaves the hospital, and he finds a completely different country. Now, the Jews (their religion) are discriminated. 
Because of that, he is haunted by Hynkel's minions (a dictator who has got the country). However, during a hunt,Hynkel suffers an accident and the barber is confused for him. Because of that, the real dictator is captured and kept in a concentration camp. 
Now, the barber (believed dictator) has the same power as the dictator had. What is he going to do with it?

My opinion: this film is wonderful. The way in which Charles reviewed the dictatorship is surprising and brave, because in that times Hitler stilled having the power.



I have chosen a few videos of Charles' films to show you how wonderful could be this man. These videos are parts of the films that I have talked about.

Let's go!! Enjoy them!!! :)



If you want to know a little bit more about Charles Chaplin, you can visit his own web site:

What are you waiting for? Go and visit it! :)



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