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lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

How I Met Your Mother; You need it.

      How I Met Your Mother

I'm going to present you my favorite TV serie: How I Me Your Mother. It is an American comedy created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. It is about the life of five guys in their 30`s. The story begin in 2030 when Ted Mosby ( the main character ) tells to his children how he met their mother. Through his story, the serie brings us to the present and puts us in the cross of its protagonists lives;  the young arquitect Ted Mosby played by Josh Radnor, the canadian journalist  Robin played by Cobie Smulders, his university classmate Marshall played by Jason Segel, Marshall´s girlfriend Lily played by Alyson Hannigan and their friend Barney Stinson.

Ted is the main character of the serie. He got a degree of arquitecture at Wesleyan University. There he  met Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin. Once in New York he meets Barney Stinson, revealed after his first encounter happens in the bathroom of the bar as Robin Scherbatsky on the same bar, who falls in love with her  and that ends up having a relationship for a while.
He always dreamed to became  the best arquitect. Barney says that Ted thinks very munch in his relactionships whit the girls.
He looks for his other half during all the story that he tells to his childrens.


She was the first girlfriend of Ted (She is a canadian journalist)
When she was the girlfriends of Ted she knew Marshall, Lily and Barney too.
She woks in a local TV, although she drems with a great job in a important television network.
 She doesn´t like neither the children nor the commitment, the opposite of Ted.


Marshall was born in a village of Minnessota into a family of Scandinavian descent. He was the university classmate of Ted. He knew Ted and Lily (his future girlfriend) at Wesleyan University. He´s lawyer
It is a clumsy and clueless guy but with a good heart and has a good way with the games.
He´s the best friend of Ted and he will help Ted to find the love.


Lily is the girlfriend of Marshall. She,s a teacher of a enfant school. During his college and high school years,She was   a  gothic subgenre, with dyed black hair.
She likes painting pictures. During the serie her relationship with Marshall undergoes various changes.
In this relationship she´s who has a stronger personality.
When she met Robin, Robin become in her best friend. 


He is a holder of an unknown posotion at Goliath National Bank.
When he was a child had abandonment issues, so he clings to his friends.
He is a manipulative and using his wealth to seduce womwn for sex only. 
He´s a confirmed bachelor until he falls in love with  Robin but he´s very very funny




This is the first episode in the serie.
On there, Ted meet Robin and he fall in love with she.

  •  Now I´m going to get you some video of outtakes in the episode
                         SEASON 5



                                                                          SESON 4


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