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miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014


Avatar is an American science fiction film. the film was created by James Cameron in 2009.
Sam Worthington was the protagonist, Jake Sully.
Zoe Saldana was Neytiri Omaticaya.
Sigourney Weaver was Dr. Grace Augustine's.
Stephen Lang was the Colonel Quaritch.
Michelle Rodriguez was Trudy Chacon.
Giovanni Ribisi was Selfridge.
Joel Moore was Norm Spellman.
Matt Gerald was Lyle Wainfleet.
Laz Alonso was Tsu'tey.

The events that take in Pandora in a moon of a new planet. The fight is because the sacred tree that the Na'vi  the human want to destroy. The human want destroy the tree because there are a lot of minerals who are very expensive because the minerals are the solution to the energy problems of the Earth. The name of his minerals is unobtainium. Jake Sully, a paraplegic marine is selected for the Avatar program. It's a project that brings the brain scientists to artificial bodies of Na'vi to speak with the Na'vi. At first, Jake makes his mission, but he falls for a Na'vi his name is Neytiri. The Na'vi will not give up their land, creating a conflict. 
The money that they spent to do this film was $ 237 million.
Avatar is my favorite film because it's awesome and I really like the final part.

Rubén Hidalgo

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