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sábado, 7 de junio de 2014

CASTLE :) A romance hidden in crime


Hello everyone! 

I'm going to present you my favorite TV series: CASTLE. 

It's an American crime drama comedy series, which is produced by Beacon Pictures and ABC Studios, and created by Andrew Marlowe. 

As you can see, this series has all the things that you can want:
                         What more can you need?



At first, I'm going to tell you a little summary of each character; because, I think if you don't know them, you can't understand this wonderful series.

Castle's plot happened around two main characters: 

Richard "Rick" Rodgers"Castle" (Nathan Fillon): 

He is a famous millionaire bestselling mystery writer with a big reputation of heartbreaker (although he is twice divorced) and with many powerful friends (like the city's mayor). Although his real surname is Rodgers, he changed it for Castle when he started writing.

Rick Castle
Rick always tries to see the fictional side of all situations, as if they are one of his books; this caused sometimes his "child character".
He lived with his daughter and his mother in an apartment in New York; but, sometimes he goes to his amazing house in Hampton

Now, Rick has lost his inspiration after kills Derrick Storm, his most famous main character.
What can he do? Suddenly, an attractive detective will appear in his life and she will resolve his problems, but she will bring others different with her.

Kate Beckett

Katherine "Kate" Houghton Beckett (Stana Katic): 

When her mother (Johanna Beckett) was murdered in strange circumstances, she became a police to find her mother's killer and the reason of her mother's murder.

In her first years in service, Kate tried to get her objective. Finally, after do all that was in her hand, she gave up; but with a psychological wound open. She "built" a wall in her heart to protect it from things like her mother's death; this caused her closed character. 

Now, Kate is a New York homicide detective with a really good reputation (because of his talent to find killers) who controls the NYPD's 12th Precinct. But, she doesn't know that very soon, a crazy writer will enter in her life turning everything upside down.


Also, there are secundary characters who you should meet:
Alexis Castle

Alexis Castle (Molly Quinn): 

She is Rick Castle's daughter. 
Unlike his father, Alexis is very mature and sometimes she is the one that has to put her father’s feet on the floor. She dreams with a really good job and be someone important in life. 

Martha Rodgers

Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan): 

She is an old Broadway actress. She lives with her son, Richard Castle, and helps him to take care of his teenage daughter. 

She has a very complicated private life. For example, her last boyfriend called Chat, lets her a million dollars that she has used to open her own theatre school; but, Martha doesn't lose her hope to return to the stage or do a film, because, she stills think that she has a really good acting talent.

Javier Esposito "Javi/Espo"(Jon Huertas):

Javi Esposito
He is a Hispanic detective, who is part of Beckett's homicide team in the NYPD's 12th Precinct. Before works as a detective, he was in the army, as an Army Special Forces soldier. 

He and Kevin Ryan are close friends, although they are always fighting for nothing. Also, Javi is in love with Dr. Lannie Parish, who is part of Beckett's homicide team ,too. They have being dating for a few time. One of Javi's most important characteristics is his irony. He loves makes jokes; he usually makes them to itch Kate Beckett or anyone else who is close. Because of he likes Rick, both enjoy itching her.

Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever):

He is an Irish detective, who works as part of Beckett's homicide team. Before works as an homicide detective, he was a narcotics detective; although, time ago, Kevin worked undercover in the Irish mob (bad times for him)

As I said, he and Javi are close friends; but always fighting for nothing. Also, Kevin is married with Jenny O'Malley, with whom he has a child in common, Sarah Grace.

Lanie Parish
Lanie Parish (Tamala Jones):

She is a medical examiner, who works as part of Beckett's homicide team.

Lanie has a really good relasionship with Kate. She is one of the few people with whom Kate can talk asily and puting away her closed character. Moreover, Lanie is in love with Javi; and, as I said, they have being dating for a few time. Also, she find Castle a very good lover for Kate, because she saw the conexion between them long before they notice it.

Roy Montgomery
Roy Montgomery (Ruben Santiago Hudson):

He was the Captain of the 12th Precinct. Roy and Kate had a good relationship. He was one of the few people with whom Kate spoke about her mother's murder.

Roy was married with Evelyn Montgomery, who always has wanted his jubilation; although, they didn't have any children. Moreover, Roy liked very much Kate and Rick's way to work together. He found it really interesting, Kate puts the logical part and Rick imagines the story.  

At the end of the third season, he is killed after doing a trap to capture a hired killer involved in Johanna Beckett's murder. 

Victoria Gates
Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald):

She appears for first time in season 4, because she is Montgomery's substitute. Before works as the Captain of the 12th Precinct, she was working in Internal Affairs.

Javi and Ryan called her "Iron Gates"; because of her character, she is really strict and unforgiving. Moreover, Victoria doesn't like Rick, she thinks he is too much childish and he doesn't do anything useful, he always interferes with the way she prefers resolve cases. 
Although Victoria has a iron character, she has a sensitive part hidden...


Now, you know the main character's stories. Let's go to learn a little bit more about Castle!
I think that a really important thing is when Kate and Rick met each other. 
Because, it is when all began...

WHEN THEY MET (First chapter of the series called "Flowers for your grave")

Beckett's team in
the first crime scene
One day, when Kate Beckett was working in a really difficult case with detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito (her homicide team), she was the only one that realizes that the crime scene had exactly the same description as in one of Richard Castle's novels. Later, they found another crime scene that was similar to one of his novels, again. Kate is decided to find the killer, who probably could be this famous writer.

During the publication party of one of his books (which is the last one of his most famous books series), Rick Castle felt boring, all was the same. 
But, he had a bigger problem. In this book Rick killed the main character Derrick Strom; it means that he couldn't continue writing books about him. It didn't need to be a problem; but, he had lost his inspiration. Following his mother, Rick was all day in his underwear waiting for his favorite TV program. And, Rick's ex wife (who is also his editor) warned him; because if he didn't write anything more, his editorial will ask him the money's return.

"NYPD, we need to ask you
a few questions"

Suddenly, an attractive and amazing detective appeared in the party. At first, Rick confused her for a crazy and sexy fan; but, her name was Katherine Beckett, and she needed Rick for interrogated him. Finally, after say the typically thing (“NYPD, we need to ask you a few questions”), Kate brought Rick to the 12th Precinct.

Rick's Interrogation
In the interrogation room, Kate said to Rick that he could be two type of person for her: "A guy who makes me things easier" or "a guy who makes my life harder". 
After her warning, Kate asked Rick a few questions about Alison Tisdale and Marvin Fisk (the people murdered). 
Rick felt very excited when Kate showed him the crime scenes' photos. He borrowed these photos; because he wanted to bring them to his weekly poker game (he plays poker with other famous mystery writers). Following Rick, his friends could be very jealous with that, because in "their world" have an imitator is the biggest award. 
Kate, angry, took him out.

Kate twisting Rick's nose
A few days later, Beckett's team didn't find any evidence that could help them to find the killer, yet. But, Rick biting by curiosity came back to "help" in the case.
Kate didn't want him in the investigation, because he didn't care about victims and he didn't let her work alone. However, Javi was very happy with Rick stay, because as he said to Kate: “A controlling like you with someone who can't be controlled like him...it will be fun. And I won't miss that."

Rick reading his crazy
 fans' correspondence

Lannie and Castle in
 the third crime scene
While Kate and Rick was reading Castle's crazy fans correspondence, he tried to find out the reason for which Kate is a police. She didn't think that he could, because of she let him do it. Surprisingly, Rick got close to the truth. Quickly, Kate avoided talking about that.

Too soon, the police found another crime scene like Rick's books. But, this time they got the killer's fingerprints taken from a letter that the alleged killer sent to Rick. 
When the police went to Kyle Cabot's house, they found him inside his wardrobe swaying himself like a psychopath. 
Also, Kevin found a kind of tribute to Rick, and Javi discovered Alison's blouse spotted by her blood and the murderous gun.

Kyle Cabot

They had the killer. 
But, Rick didn't think so, everything had be too easy.

That night, during Rick's poker party (with the excuse that he was blocked with one of his stories) he told his friends this case like if it was his new book. They supported Rick's point of view: "Why the killer had being so careful with their victimis (without leting any evidence) if he sent a letter with his fingerprints?". 

Poker with writers
Richard had to get the case's papers, he wanted to continue investigated. But, Kate never ever let him picked them. Because of that, he devised a plan: The next morning, Rick went to the 12th Precinct with a gift (his new book signed, that wasn't plublished yet) for Kate. 
After gave it to her, he kissed her in the cheek. This is the distraction; because, while he was kissing her, he took the case's papers and Kate didn't notice it. 

The distraction
He though that his plan worked. However, Kate knew him enough to notice that he had done something. Quickly, she searched the case's papers, but she didn't find them...CASTLE!

Rick was in a library studying the papers when suddenly Kate interrupted in the room saying that he was under arrest for obstruction of justice. Rick smiled while he said that the man who was in the jail was innocent. But, thanks to Rick's mother and daughter, Kate and Captain Montgomery (the boss) agreed to drop the charges if he promised to behave.

Kate found Rick in the library

That night, Kate though about the case. She discovered that Rick's idea could be possible (even, it could be truth). 
Kate found small details wrong in crime scenes: 
-The fist victim had to be covered by roses, and she was covered by grandifloras.
-The second victim had to be murdered with a plastic bag, not with a tie.
-The third victim's dress had to be blue, and it was yellow.

And if Kyle Cabot was the killer...he didn't miss these details, because he was a psychopath; and an obsessed always knows the smallest details better than anyone. Someone had used him. So, Kyle wasn't the killer.

Because of that, Kate decided to visited Alison's father for ask him a couple more questions about his daughter murdered. When she arrived to Alison father's office, Kate found Rick there asking for a conference. Finally, she let him go with her.

"Harrison is lying"
Together, they discovered that Alison's father could be dying. Rick noticed that he wore a wig, and he was thinner than in all of his photos. He was a cancer patient, but he didn't want to make it public.
In that moment, Kate though: "This man is really rich, and he is dying. Someone has to inherit his fortune. And he only has two children. Alison, who is dead, and his brother, who has economic problems" Voilà! They have another alleged killer, but this time with an human reason: MONEY.

Kate and Rick decided to visit Harrison Tisdale. But, when she asked him where he was during Alison's murdered, he said: "travelling for business". He has a really good alibi.
However, Harrison said one more thing, something that made Kate doubt about his innocence. He said that he was travelling for business during the three murders, but...How he know the three murders' dates without thinking or asking for them? 
Okay, he could know his sister murder's date; but, the other two...how?
It meant that Harrison was the killer.

The killer caught Rick
When Beckett's team (and some reinforcement) went to catch Harrison, he tried to escape for the fire stairs. Fortunately, Rick was here and he started to run following Harrison while he called Beckett to tell her it.
Kate was angry. Rick didn't have anything to do if Harrison was armed. She followed Harrison, too. 
But, when she found him, it was too late. He caught Rick and he put a gun in his face for warning Kate.

Finally, Rick escaped doing an amazing movement (although he didn't believe that he could do it). Kate arrested the killer and she started to shout to Rick that he was an idiot and he could have died. But, Rick calmed her saying that the gun had the safety on all the time. 

The case was resolved. Rick's stay finished.
Kate and Rick said goodbye to each other. But after, he tried to ask her dating. Following him it could be awesome and Kate said to him "you've no idea" with a wicked smile. Then, she leaved the place while Rick stayed looking her. 
In that moment Rick felt inspired. He had his new muse, and he started writing a new book. A book about "a tough, but savvy female detective". Her name was Nikki Head. But, Rick needed more information, he couldn't write a book series with only a few days with his mouse...

At the end, Captain Montgomery made call Kate for say to her some"news".
This is what happened:
"Montgomery: Apparently, you have a fan"
"Kate: A fan sir?
"Montgomery: Rick Castle. Seems he's found the main character for his next set of novels. A tough, but savvy female detective."
"Apparently, you have a fan"
"Kate: I'm flattered."
"Montgomery: Don't be. He said he has to do a research."
"Kate: Oh no."
"Montgomery: Oh yes."
"Kate: No way."
"Montgomery: Kate listen..."
"Kate: Sir, he is like a 9 years old on a sugar rush. Totally incapable of taking anything seriously"

(You can see this amazing chapter in this link: http://allmyvideos.net/fv6ugrco8nrf)


Okay ;)
We have almost finished.
Now, I'm going to tell you a little summary about the things that you can find watching Castle...

Something very important
in Kate and Rick's relasionship,
is the coffee. Every morning,
Rick brings a cup of it to Kate since
the fourth day working with her.

Thanks to the mayor, Rick is allowed to follow Kate in all of her cases. Now, they are "partners". 

Talking about LOVE, I can say that during the first seasons, Kate and Rick are only good friends. 
Although, at first Kate doesn't like Rick, little by little she starst to open herself to him. Even, she tells to Rick the most important thing in her life: her mother's murdered.  And her heart's wall (about I have talked before) starts to fall with Rick's help.

Also, he begins to think about her as someone more important than just a partner. Rick loves Kate very much, because of that he stills going to the comissariat all the days; although he has enough information to write a hundred books about her. Rick only wants to see Kate. The problem is that she doesn't notice it (or she doesn't want to see it) But, it doesnt's matter, Rick decided to hid his love to Kate, to avoid the possible rejection.

"Kate, I love you"
However, one day, during Montgomery's funeral, someone shoot Kate. Rick, thinking that he was losting her, he declareted his love to her. 
Kate almost died, but fortunately she recovers. But, now she knows that Rick loves her, and Kate doent's want to trust in anyone. She prefers to still alone. Because of that, she told to everyone (even Rick) that she doesn't remember anything of the shot. And with her psicological widen open more, Kate decided to resolve her problems going to the psychologist...

Talking about MISTERY, I can say that during all the seasons there aren't any case equal to other. You always surprise with the murders. 
And, the most funny thing is that Rick and Kate have different points of view: Kate puts the logical part and Rick, the fictional part. And watch they fighting about who can be the killer, it's fantastic!
Although, Rick's storys can be impossible, they help to Kate to find the real story. But, sometimes, they are too much strange (For example, in one case, the killer is filmed with security cameras; but, he wears a really realistic zombie costume and that makes Rick thinks that the killer is a zombie. It becames in the best case for him) 

Rick trying to find Alexis
with a video of her
asking for help
Talking about DRAMA, I can give more importance to a special case: when someone kidnaps Alexis. Rick suffers very much  with it. The person who he loves most is Alexis, his little child...Also, in this case, Rick meets his father (a secret agents who leaved Martha, Rick's mother, after pass one night with her). Rick discovered that all of his life, he has though that his father has forgotten him, but it's truth. Since Rick's born, his father has watched him to make sure he was okay. He couldn't never go back with Martha, because his job doesn't allowe him to have a family.
However, all the drama of this series is related with Rick and Kate's relationship and with her mother's murder.

To learn more about Castle...

You can visit actors and actresses' twitters and the series' official twitter:

(Stana Katic's twitter)
(Nathan Fillion's twitter)
(Castle's official twitter)

------------------------------------------Finally, I want to show you that do a series like Castle can be really fun.
If you don't believe me...
                                                 Here is the evidence!

These are Castle's bloopers, it means the funniest moments of filming.
Watching them, you can see the actors and actresses behind the scene and having fun during the filming.
What are you waiting for? Let's go and see them!

                                      I'm sure you will enjoy these funny moments :) ;)



You will love it

Laura Alonso Molina 3ºbx

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  1. Hiya! Castle is also one of my favourite tv series, I've been following it for years! The series is really funny and interesting. Your entry is great, Laura, well done!

    1. Hiya!!!
      Thanks very much Agustina!! ;)

  2. Hi Laura!!! I love your entry, is awesome. As you know, I love Castle too ,and you have described the charms of this serie perfectly well. Love ittttt!!!!!! :)


    1. Hi Lucía!!!! :)
      Thanks for your amazing comment!
      And thanks a lot for says the truth when I wasn't here for say it! You're the best ;)

  3. Hahahahaha it is so funny! I agree with Miguel( whoever is him) , Laura, Agustina and Lucia , it is obvious that Castle has actually died, you have to pass page. Anyway, I really like your entry though, I don't like too much this series...
    You have done a great work, congrats! :)

    1. It isn't funny :( Castle is alive. You can't say that he is dead if you haven't seen the final chapter.
      Anyway, thanks for says that I have done a great job. However, if you don't give a chance to this series you can't love it as I do.
      You have to understand it to enjoy it. Trust me :)

    2. Well, I'm actually giving a chance to the series(I'm seeing the second season ) , it's just that I don't see it as interesting or as well-made as some others series that I prefer, that's all. And Laura you know it is a joke , I don't really think he is dead. I supose he will be too bad in a hospital .

    3. Okay ;)
      But, Castle is alive and in good conditions.
      I know that. I can feel it. Trust me :/

  4. Again with the same Andrea!?!?!?! Castle is NOT dead. A new season will be ready soon and as you know by the title of the serie,we need Castle to have Castle. Another reason is that they ''kill'' Castle the audience will be very disappointed and won't watch it any more.

  5. Hi everyone!!!!
    I agree with Lucía, Castle is NOT DEAD. As she said, the director has assured that he is alive. We don't know in which conditions, but as Lucía said WE HAVE TO BE POSITIVE.
    Anyway, the director isn't as silly as to kill Castle, because he is the series' base. Without Castle the series won't have enough audience to make a complete season.
    If you don't believe me, here is the evidence: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/553160/20140521/castle-season-7-spoilers.htm#.U5RTnfl_vX4
    Please, don't say more that Castle is dead. Because, he isn't.

  6. But girls, sometimes a series need to kill any character to catch much more the audience because the people will be asking to themshelves what it is going to pass now that Castle is dead. I think it is what it will happen or he will probably be in a coma or something like this. Or he will be so damage and the all season he will trying to continue living but he finally dies. It will be a good finale , don't you think? So dramatic and sad , but a good finale.

    1. No :( It isn't a good finale, Andrea.
      Castle and Kate finally together. It's a perfect ending. They have spent too much hardships a long the seasons. They deserve a better finale, a really good one.

  7. Here is another reason why Casle is not dead:
    Well, as you know the actor has won a lot of money doing yhis TV serie, and in becoming more and more famous. He is not going to leave this serie, because is a good job for him. Is like of you throw years of acting and money... It hasn't got sense. Being serious, where is he going to find a better job??

  8. I think he will earn a lot of money with that special finale and the series have to end in a way that all the people will remeber them. It's not just about finding a new job, because many directors will like to work with him becuase of their new fame and succes being Castle. Anyway, that is my opinion.

  9. Laura, you have to admit it. Castle is dead.

  10. A month ago, the seventh season was premiered and...you know what?

    CASTLE IS NOT DEAD. I told you! HA HA HA HA :))))