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sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014


A wunderkind is an English term that is used to identify the children prodigies.
 The children prodigies are people who, from very young, show a great development in some area. They show a surprising skill for the language, the mathematics, the investigation, the music, the languages or other areas.
There are many opinions about these children. There're people who think that it’s necessary to take advantage of their intelligence but others think that they lose his childhood and the things that a small child should do, since they isolate, they not play with other children and they are treated like special children. All these factors can cause psychological problems.
I’m going to tell the history of a wunderkind who, personally, it has impressed me very much.

Akrit Jaswal is a boy who born in India in April, 1993. This child learned to speak with ten months, to write with two years, to the five, he read books of Shakespeare in English and books of medicine, and when he was seven, he performed a surgery.
In 2000, a video showed us how this boy operated to a girl who had burned her hand seriously and she couldn’t move her. Her family didn’t have economic resources and they requested the help of this child who was known by his great knowledge of medicine. The operation was a success.
He showed the highest coefficient of India, 146, and he concentrated his intelligence in the medicine.
With twelve years, he proclaimed to be on the verge to discover a cure for cancer and he travelled to London to demonstrate their intelligence and for their theories were analyzed by experts.
Also, he was accepted in the university being so young.

Nowadays, Akrit Jaswal has a master in zoology, botany and chemistry

                                                 MIRIAM NAVARRO GÓMEZ

5 comentarios:

  1. Lorena Hernández Cánovas29 de marzo de 2014, 20:14

    What is your opinion about the wunderkind? I think than the children need to be children, if a child have a special ability must develop but continue being a child.

    1. María López Vigueras29 de marzo de 2014, 20:59

      They only have a special ability, they are not machines, and they continue being children with por without special abilities. They don't have to change.

    2. Exactly, they are lucky to have that ability and they should show it. They can be children equally.

  2. I think that some children prodigies are very pressioned by their families and by the society.They like to develop their abilies but this pression is bad and it do that the ressult aren't so good

  3. Exactly. Being a children is the most important thing in the world. A special ability must be worked and that's all, no more.

    Michael Jackson, one of the most talented and famous singers in the world, recognised in an interview that, as a child, he was crying when he saw children playing in the park because he couldn't play with them he had to prepare his next concert.