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lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

My trip to India...

My trip to India

I travelled to India two years ago, with my mother and with a group of person from many parts of Spain.
We went with an ONG called “OPEN EYES”. They have one objective; to help people, to show us how is life there, their culture, their religion…And to explain us that you don’t need anything to be happy.
The first day I was very excited and very nervous. That night I didn’t sleep but I did it on the plane. The trajectory lasted 17 hours!!!
I am going to introduce you my tourist guide
This is Ranjan, he doesn´t know speak Spanish at all. We had to speak in English. He is a fantastic person and really funny.
The first day we arrived to Delhi, the capital. It is so crowed. We visited the Jama Masjid’s mosque. It’s awesome.

The second day we went to Udaiphur on train, we passed the night there, it’s a great experience. We stayed in Quetub Minar. It’s considered a heritage.

The fourth and fifth day we stayed in Udaiphur that is considered Venice of the west because there are a lot of lakes inside the city. Many people say that Udaiphur is the most romantic city of India. I am agree with them.

 The sixth day we moved to Chittorgarh and we contemplated an impressive monument.

The seventh day we arrived to an ONG. In this ONG are 56 children who don’t have family, but there they are a big family. This isn’t an orphanage; when you enter you feel a cozy home. Jaimala and Hitesh direct this ONG. All the children go to school, there are five teachers.  We slept with them. They are extraordinary people. I won’t ever forget them.

The eighth and ninth day we stayed in Agra. We went to “Fuerte Amber” and we rode on elephant. At first I was very scared but I loved this time.

The tenth day we moved to Varanasi, and we visited the Taj Mahal. In 1631 Mogol Shan Jahan built it in representation of his love to his wife. In fact it is very small, but it is really incredible monument.

The eleventh day we sailed in the river Ganges. Hindus when a person of their family dies, they throw their ashes for liberation of his soul.

 People in the river pray, wash the clothes and have a shower.

The twelfth day we passed a night in the dessert. We rode on camel. It was very cold

The taxis in India are called “tuc tuc” and they go so fast.

The thirteenth day we came to Delhi and we toke the plain with destination to Barcelona.
It was an unforgettable experience, I advise you to go, to learn, and of course to enjoy.
 Andrea García Luján 3Bx

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  1. I love your entry! Now, I want to go to India. It's looks like a really inetresting place with an awesome culture.
    Also, I really like the photos. The desert looks amazing and the Taj Mahal, too. And the photo of the elephant is so cute! I love animals! I want to ride in an elephant like you! It had to be awesome.
    Thanks Andrea for your lovely entry! I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. I am sure it was an experience you will never forget