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viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014


                                 Slender man
                        REALITY OR RUMOR?

Slender man is a character ``fictitious´´ that some people said he saw him. This people define it like a thin men who only wear a black suit and a black shoes. He is very thin and tall (over 3 or 4 meters) he has long tentacles, his head completely devoid of any feature and his skin completely white.
The myth was born in disturbing photos of a being with the same characteristics is neared children too.

But this is not the only proof that exists,
Some there is an engraving of XVII century:

Slender man-like creature that shows a child being taken from their parents by a strange being with multiple arms, shaped like skeleton is appreciated.
This print has an author. His name is Hans Holbein, and evidently dead.
Slender man has become famous because an internet forum (Something Awful) put some disturbing photos of this being:

Slender man is very famous too because he have a very good videogame trying to escape slender man you taking notes can be finding in claims maps. The difficulty is slender man giving scares to chasing you to kill.

  Javier Martinez Molina

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  1. I believe in all these stories. If all these people talk about it, it is because it is true