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sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014


Have you ever thought about topics such as the human traffickers for sexual slavery? Sometimes prostitution is not a voluntary thing but we never think about it. This can even lead to sales people. There are many groups that are dedicated to this. It is a very serious problem but it is a reality that we live.

I'll talk about a film that really impresses me and I consider it very good. It's an action movie. It is very famous, it grossed $ 225,461,461 internationally. I think it shows some aspects of life that we do not realize that they are there and that it can happen to anyone least expect.

The film is French, it was released in 2008. It is directed by Pierre Morel, written and co-produced by Luc Besson.

The main characters are:
• Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills.
• Maggie Grace as Kim Mills.
• Famke Janssen as Lenore.
• Xander Berkeley as Stuart.
• Katie Cassidy as Amanda.

Bryan Mills is a retired CIA agent and Special Forces security expert. He is separated from his wife and wants to recover the lost time with his daughter Kim 17 year old. One of Bryan's friends offers him a job: a singer from the city is going to do a concert and he must accompany her for safety. Bryan accepts and a man tries to kill her with a knife but he prevented it. The singer is so thankful with Bryan and offers him a lot of things to her daughter because she wants to be a singer.  Kim wants to go with her friend Amanda to Paris to perfect the French and see museums but needs the approval of his father, he accepts and gives him a mobile phone with international calling to call him when she comes. After Bryan discovers that her daughter really wanted to go to follow the music group U2 with Amanda. When the two friends arrive in Paris, they found in the airport Peter, a frenchman who offers to share taxi because they are very expensive. They accept and Peter tells them if they want to go to a party, and Peter find out her address and floor. Bryan calls Kim to see if they come to the house, she goes to the bathroom to answer the phone because Amanda has very loud the music. By the window Kim sees as men enter in the house and kidnap her friend. Frightened she tells it to his father, he at that time connect a recording device for the call. Bryan tells her to go to the next room under the bed, they are going to kidnap her, so when they caught her, she must leave the phone on the floor and scream all that sees of them: hair color, height, tattoos, etc. One kidnapper Takes the phone, the father tells him to kill them and the kidnapper says: "Good luck." Bryan sends the recording of the call to a friend of the CIA for an analysis. Bryan's friend tells him that this is a foreign band of human traffickers for sexual slavery and he have a period of 96 hours to find his daughter. This band makes girls addicted to drugs, prostitutes They sell them and If they are virgins. Bryan travels to Paris and the action begins.                                                                    
 He kills many people, is put in danger of death and see things that they do with women.
 All to save Kim, do you think he will get it?

It's a great film, from the moment that I saw I loved it. If you didn't already, you have to see it. It shows everything that can get to do a father for his daughter. There is also a second part of the film but I stick with this.

Stefanía Muñoz Martínez

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