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sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014



In Morroco there are many types of cloths for each occasion.
One of them is the chilaba that is used for day after for the woman and also for the man.
The chilaba is like a close dress, it is long up to the feet with the long sleeves and also it has a hood.
It is comfortable.

Another type is the caftan that is used only for the women.
It is similar to the chilaba but this one has got more decorations and it need more artisanal work.
It is in the habit of dressing in the commitments, in parties and less in the weddings…

Too we have jabador is formed by a width trousers and a vest that normally comes up to the knees.
This type of cloth also is used in commitments, parties...


The gandura/abaya is like the chilaba but it is more easy and without hood.

It is in habit to use it in the house because is too comfortable.


And finally we have the takchita tjat is used by the woman in the wedding.

It is a version of the caftan. It is the most difficult cloth to do it and it is formed by two caps.

And in the feet we use the babuchas.

                                             HAJAR HAMMOU DAHMANI 

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  1. I want wear babuchas .Where can I buy them?

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  3. I have got a Chilaba and the other day I saw in TV a report about Caftan. I think moroccan clothes are very trendy