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viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014



Henna is known by many names: henna, jena . All these names refer to a natural shade of reddish color that comes from the plant Lawsonia inermis. Plant leaves are collected and dried to then grind them and use them. You can use as a dye for leather, hair or to decorate the skin.

Specifically in Morocco are often used women to dye the hair and decorate their hands and feet. In Morocco the images of people and animals can not be translated so they tend to be linear or floral designs. These designs range from the simplest ones to laborious works of art.

Should be noted that the henna tattoos tend to have a color between Orange and Brown, but never black. If so, it would mean that it has been mixed with other products and can that already is not a natural product. Morocco henna tattoos are the darker (brown tones) due to the terrain where the plant is grown. Although we call them tattoos in fact they are not because they fade over time. The most durable are the hands and feet due to the thickness of the skin. Here the henna is darker and more penetrates the skin.

Here I leave a video hope you like it

Yasmina Boujekhrout

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