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lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014



Born in koulouche (morocco),an Algeran mother and an Moroccan father , Douzi grew up surrounded by his six brothers and sisters (one of them , Abdelkader, author, composer and singer of rai).
At the  age of 3 years , the small Douzi humming the songs sound very sharp, allowing you expand their vocal organ , to the dismay of his mother  he wanted above all also that makes brillant studies .
A  five years , publicly performed his first song written by his brother Abdelkader , entitled LA LILHARB(no to war)during the selection phase for recording a television broadcast from Rabat .sucess was immediate.
in 1991,Douzi entered the school and able ,teachers noted many talents including the rapporteur.However  the litle prince has continuid to study  music and specially on the head.And it is therefore  logical that entered the conservatory .Unfortunately,the lack of transportation to get from your people because their is not time.
Douzi  sice 1993 in march ,participated in the frame work of the YOUTH DAY festivities  organized by the radio station Oujda(Morocco), in a cooperation with the alliance between France and Morocco and IBN KHALDUN recived his first  title of merit for his immense talent and altough he said  he was the youngest singer.
Therefore the machine starts and Douzi become the prodigal son of rai.
In febrary 1994 , he recorded his first album calledGOULOU LMIMTI TJINI (tell mom back) . the work histories in 1996 and won illico¬presto.com a sucess , especially among mothers.When not traveling for reason profesionals (many concerts abroad), Douzi lives in belgium with his parents  and brothers, and a dozen albums to his credit ,witch curretly cover young rai musician, along with the single .
he songs in a lot of languages like French, Arabic, English, Turkish,Hindi , etc.
He has participated in the humanitarian context , benefit concerts to help orphans and disabled .
Douzi and her sensitivity , respct and love for each other immediately pushes  a accept the invitation to participate  in OPERATION JANUARY 10 in Belgium, as part of the compaign the awareness and fight against racism and intolerance in all its forms.



                   this is my favourite song of douzi:
                                    ILHAM MAIZI 3ªBX

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