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lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

The Gallics

Astérix and obélix are comics characters. They are gallic and they fight against the romans. They were created by rené goscinny (texts) and albert uderzo (pictures) in 1959.

Astérix, the heroe of these adventures.
He is a little warrior with a smart
Intelligence. He likes the dangerous
Missions and accept them without

Obélix is the inseparable friend from Astérix. He works with menhirs, he likes wild pigs very much and  fights against the romans.  Obélix is ready to give up Everything to follow Asterix in a new adventure, he is accompanied by his faithful dog called          idéfix.

They live in gallic village. In this place, there is a leader called abraracúrcix.
When the gallics fight against romans drink a special liquid that provide extreme power.

 This magic potion is made by Panoramix and he always is Ready for give it to the Gallic, but no for obélix, Because, when he was a child, He fell into the pot with the Potion, so obélix always have much power.

Falbalá is the character platonic love of obelix. As a child, she went to study to condate, when she returns was become into a beautiful woman, blond and slim. It first appeared in the tenth book of the series, - astérix legionnaire-. 

There is about 24 books of their adventures, and this comics are very famous in the world.

Yolanda Escámez ortiz

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  1. Oh! I really like your entry! :)
    I love Asterix and Obelix and of course Idefix (He's so cute!)
    I have read many of their lovely stories and I have spent a great time with them. Also, I have seen some of their films and I love them!

  2. Ahhhhhhhh They are my favourite comic. Yesterday, it was my birthday. Do you know the present my wife made me? The complete comic collection of Asterix. It was fantastic!!!