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sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014


     ROALD DAHL    

Have you ever heard about ''Charlie and the chocolate factory''? or ''Matilda''? I'm sure you have. But... do you know this films are based in the books by Roald Dahl? If you want to know more about him and his books, keep on reading! 



Roald Dahl was born in Cardiff, the 23rd of November of the year 1916. He was british, but his father wasn't. His father waS from Norway. His life wasn't easy. When he was four years old, his sister died because of her appendix, two weeks later, his father, died owing to a pneumonia. His mother decided to stay in England, because she wanted Roald to study there. When he was six, his mother died due to cancer.  He started studying on the Landaff cathedral's school, but he was expelled (he was a very naughty boy).
 When he was nine years old, he went to St. Peter's school, a private school where he went from 1923 to 1929. When he finishes his primary education, he was 13 years old, and started secundary school at Repton school.. When he was there, from time to time, a chocolate Factory sended some chocolate for students to taste, and he wanted to invent his own kind of chocolate. That was one of his inspirations for writing "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".
A few years later, when he had finished school, he started working for a petrol company, that sended him to Dar-es-Salam, where he lived very well for five years.
In 1939 he entered into the Royal air force, where he was terribly damaged, he nearly lose his view! Is was there, when he started writing his first book: "A piece of cake", that was abot his experience on war.
When he was 30, he married with an american actress called Patricia Neal, and they had five children. He died when he was 74 years old, leaving on this world all tha awesome stories that he wrote.

Roald wrote a lot of fantastic books, but these are my favorites:

This story is about a boy, called Charlie thaat lived on a very small house with his parents, and all his grandparents. His family was very, very poor. One day, he red on an advice that, if you find a Golden ticket on a Wonka's chocolate bar, you will be able to visit his Factory. Nobody knows if it was destiny or luck, but Charlie found one. He went to the Factory with his grandfather, that worked there many years ago. On the Factory, he knew Willy Wonka, a very strange man, and all the other children that hace found the Golden ticket, but the other children were self-interested and pampered. I'm not going to tell the end of the story, you have to read it by youself!


I love tis book very much, because it is Roald's biography. He tells a lot of funny stories about hus life, and with it, you learn how difficult has been for him becoming what he was. I recomend everybody that likes this autor to read this book. 


This book telld the story of a little girl called Matilda, that is extremely intelligent. She lives with her family. His father is an impostor, her mother is a very disgusting woman, and her brother hates her. She is not happy, because she doesn't fix with her family. Also, she have got a very special power: she can move onjects only using the power of her mind. When she started school, the headmistress was very bad, and maltreat children. Everything was bad, until she knew her teacher, a very comprehensive and loving woman, the only person in the world that understands her. With her special power, she gives the headmistress her due.  


I think that  Roald Dahl always surprises the reader because of his wit, and his sense of humor. He uses a lot of arguments that ironize the behavior of children and adults, He have a wonderful form of seeing the world through the vision of the children. You could say that Roald Dahl is my favorite author.
Lucía Celdrán Noguera, 3ºBX

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  1. Wonderful entry! :) :) :)
    I have always loved the films of these books, but I didn't know that his writer was this man. Now, I want to read some of his stories, specially I think I should read "Charlie and the chocolate factory", because, it's one of my favorite films.

  2. I also love that story. Is also one of my favorites. It makes me very happy that you have decided to read this book!!! :)

  3. It is a great writer. His stories are full of imagination and they have got something magic. It is a great choice to read one of his books