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sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Heavy´s bands

-AC/DC is a hard rock group whit mix of blues rock. The group was made in Sidney, Australia, in 1973, for the Scotland brothers Malcolm and Augus Young. From 1973 to nowadays their singers have been:
Dave Evans (1973-1974), Bon Scott (1974-1980) and Brian Johnson (1980-).

The name of the group are the initials of alternating current and direct current. The main characteristic of the group is the uniform of a high school that it wear Angus Young, because, in his firstconcert he was 15 years.

High voltage 

In 1975 appear the first albums called: "High voltage" and "T.N.T."


 Their success is because their direct concerts are spectaculars and they are energetic on the stage too.In 2010 they won the Grammy award to the best Hard Rock performance with"War machine". The most popular songs of the group is:   

Yolanda Escámez Ortiz 

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  1. It is probably the only famous metal band that I don't like it