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jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014


 Pearl Harbor is a film directed by Michael Bay in 2001. The principal actors are Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale.
The film is about the Second World War, and narrates the raid to Pearl Harbor, on 7 December 1941, introducing a history of love.

Two men, Danny and Rafe, are two friends, from small, that eighteen years later, they fulfilled his dream and turned into aviators.
Rafe volunteers to take part in a war and he sees obliged to separate by a time of a nurse, Evelyn, of whom he had fallen in love, promising her that they would return to see when the war ends.
Whereas Rafe fights in the war, he's shot down, in the middle of the ocean and everyone think that he has died.
This new affects very much to Evelyn and Danny. They are devastated.

Three months later, Evelyn and Danny coincide and begin to remember and talk about Rafe.
From this moment, they realize that they have feelings and they begin a relationship. Also, she becomes pregnant, but she doesn’t say anything to Danny.

Some days later, Evelyn finds out that Rafe really is not dead and, when he returns, he realizes that the things had changed. Evelyn has a boyfriend, Danny, his best friend.
Rafe feels betrayed and he fights with Danny in a beach bar. The police arrive and Danny and Rafe go away in a car for that they don’t arrest them.

On the following morning they wake up due to a great noise and they see that they are the Japanese who were carrying out a surprise attack to Pearl Harbor's island on December 7, 1941.
The Japanese had confused the Americans with confused and false messages. They were very well prepared and the Americans almost could not answer.
Danny and Rafe put in action two planes and tried to defend, but they were many and they could destroy alone some.
The result of this assault was very serious. Many ships were destroyed, the Americans out of 350 plans and the Japanese only 29. The most important was many people died, more than 3,000 people, and many people turned out serious or wound.
Immediately after this, the Americans declared the war and decided to counter-attack.

Before Rafe and Danny went to exercise a secret mission to which volunteers were going to attack Tokyo, Evelyn spoke with Rafe and said to him that the whole life was going to love it but that they can’t to be together because she's pregnant with Danny.

On April 2, 1942, it ´s carried out the mission to attack the heart of Japan, Tokyo.
After a successful attack, the Americans landed on the coast of China, because of they did not have fuel, and they were in danger because there were Japanese armies.
When the planes fall down, the Japanese start attack them and Danny is hurt seriously. He's on the verge of dying and Rafe confesses to him that he's going to have a son of Evelyn and that it must fight to not die but Danny dies and he says to Rafe that he should be the one who takes care of it.
When they return, Evelyn has the hope that both turned out to be alive but only sees Rafe and Danny's coffin.

A few years later, Evelyn and Rafe marry and they look after of their son, Danny, who put this name in honour of his biological father.

                                      Miriam Navarro Gómez

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  1. María López Vigueras29 de marzo de 2014, 21:08

    Thanks for say the end of the film.

  2. You show us this movie in class and we didn't finish it. You shouldn't said the end

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  4. Sorry.We started to see this film long time ago and I' m sure that we aren't going to finish it .Even so, you could have read to the part that you haven't seen.
    Also, you should see the end of the film because isn't the same read the history that see it.

  5. I am with Maria.Thanks for telling me the end