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lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014



When people ask me about my future, I think about many things...

In a few years I imagine myself traveling around the world , studying the career that I like, sharing my life with people and knowing a lot more and especially learning as much as possible.

But I've always had a dream, something that I would fulfill. Since I was very young my dream is to study medicine. To help people, I've never seen it like a job; I have always thought it is much more.
When you study medicine, you are able to save the whole world, to help them have a better life, to solve their problems. So I think this career is so interesting, because you can help many people.
And when you save someone's life, that person and his family will appreciate it very much, is a sincere thanks.
I have always thought that is not easy and requires perseverance and hard work, but it must be a very rewarding job.
But my real dream is to work in DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS. To help many people just for the satisfaction of which I have spoken. In a place where conditions are the worst, you are only doing your “job”, your career, your studies…And you can help in an amazing way
Do you know this organization? It is quite popular but behind it there is a lot more than it seems. I'm going to talk about it.
The organization was formed in France in 1971 by doctors and journalists.
In all around the world, doctors, logisticians, water sanitation…donate their time and expertise traveling where ever need be.
Everyone is as important as others. That is the amazing thing about DOCRTOS WITHOUT BORDERS. They are neutral in the face: social, religious, political and militaristic adversity.
They need people working with a career; like a surgeon, a nurse, a psychologist…
People of different nationalities, men and women are involved in this project.
They work in missions such as: Combating child malnutrition, Malaria’s cure, Assist victims of Syrian conflict.
But you don’t need to be a surgeon or nurse for help. You don’t need to travel to another country. All the donations you can make, or to become a member in this organization are different ways to help. There are a lot of ways to save people, and to help the doctor for do his job.
It seems a strange theme, that doesn’t concern us or affect us, and we are never going to think ourselves in this situation, the situation of someone else, someone who doesn’t have our economic level, which can’t be assisted because there aren’t people, any help, and no solidarity.
Maybe one day we find ourselves in their situation, on his skin, and we need, this help, the help that we have never given, and you can't receive it because there aren't people to save us, to save our family...
Just think a minute about this.
Andrea García Luján.

2 comentarios:

  1. Amazing entry! Really well made!! I think it is so beautiful you write about something as important as it is to help the others. Sincerely, I am completly agreed with you about the idea of beeing a member of the Doctors Without Borders. It improves your humanitarian and sensitive side and if you are a doctor there , you can save many lifes( absolutly a job with wich you can be very pround of yourself) . Even you go abroad!
    Congrats, it's a pretty good entry! :)

  2. If this is your dream, go ahead and take it. Good luck
    There is a great person behind this entry