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sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

hipnosis and drugs

      Nowadays,  people don´t know about hipsnosis very much because they´re not interested in this useful quality. If  you know correctly how to practice this beautiful art you can have so much fun.
     Hipnosis has had always a lot in comon with mentalism that consists in controll and read people's mind with perceptions in the changes of position, voice ,skin colour ,changes in pupil (of the eyes in general). Hipnosis in change is to literally control the person with drugs and concentration.
     People has always said that they were magicians and witchs and normally it has been an espectacle but it has been used since prehistory with drugs that make the ´´transit´´ easier.
     Some people have thought that it was a magnetic effect over peoples mind but it´s demonstrated that it consists in putting to sleep the other person´s minds to controll them.

It is a good power but also a big responsabilty because you don't have to abuse of it

Jaime Minguela Sastre

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  1. Do you think hipnosis is science?
    The article is quite interesting