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domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

Ed Sheeran

  Edward Christopher Sheeran (born 17 february 1991 in Halifax, UK), most known as Ed Sheeran, is an English singer and songwriter. He hasn't got a clearly genre of music, but switch between acoustic pop, folk, indie and hip-hop. He writes and produces songs on his own, and had created his own record label, Paw Prints Records.
  He started to sing and play guitar in a local church, being really young. In high school, Sheeran started to create his own music and write song. Shortly after that, at the age of 14, he started to record music and his career started.

  In 2005, Sheeran released his first EP, The Orange Room. Three years before,he moved to London and started to play gigs in small venues. Then, in 2009, he played 312 gigs, wanting to overpass the mark of James Morrison, who played 200 in a year.
  In 2010, after realising his EP Loose Change, he went to LA. Sheeran played all over the city until Jamie Foxx spotted him. Foxx offered to him his studio and house for the rest os his stay in LA, impressed for Sheeran's talent. This year, his fanbase started to grow thanks to YouTube and the recognition of  The Independent newspaper and Elthon John. This led him to release another two EP Ed Sheeran: Live at the Bedford and Songs I Wrote With Amy.
  At the beggining of 2011, Sheeran released his fifth EP No. 5 Collaborations. Without any promotion, the EP reached the number 2 in the Itunes chart, what made him receive more attencion. 
  Three months later, Sheeran decided to play a free show to fans, but ended playing four gigs after a thousand fans show up to see him. Noticing his potencial, Asylum Records signed with him.
  In April of the same year, The A Team was released as lead single of his album +. The single had really good critics and acceptance, being the most selled debut single of 2011.
  After another three singles, Sheeran debut album was released. The album, called +, had mixed critics, but selled thousand of copies in the first week. + has beencertified quintuple platinum, selling more than 1,500,000 just in the UK. 
  But this is just the start. In 2012, Sheeran wrote a couple song for One Direction and, after winning a few awards, went on tour with Snow Patrol. His song Give Me Love appeared in the TV shows The Vampires Diaries and Cougar Town. Sheeran also played for the Queen Elizabeth II and in the closing ceremony of the Olympics in London.
  Taylor Swift heard of him and proposed to him write together and, after that, Sheeran started to open in the Red tour, what made Sheeran gain even more fans.
  At the 2013 Grammy Awards, The A Team was nominated as Song of the Year. Elton John, who runs Sheeran's management company, asked the award organizers to get Sheeran a performance at the ceremony but was told that he alone was not high-profile enough. John decided to appear with Sheeran to solve this problem.
  His succes was demostrated when he sold out in only three minutes his date for a gig in Madison Square Garden.

  This is the videoclip for the song The A Team. Sheeran wrote in 20 minutes, using the chorus of another of his songs and random verses that he had wrote before. It's about a girl that Sheeran met called Angel, who was a prostitute. This songs talk about how hard can be this, and how it can lead to other things, like drugs.
 This song is called I See Fire. It was written for the soundtrack of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Sheeran recorded all the instrument except one in this song; he even managed to learn how to play the violin for just one day.

                                                                           Agustina  P. Páez Rueda

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  1. I have never heard of him. I am discovering a lot of interesting things thanks to your entries.

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