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lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013


There are a lot of people who want a lot of things:  cars,  videogames, a computer, a lot of clothes...While there a lot of people who  die, because they haven't got nothing to eat and they haven´t got any cloths.
There are a lot of rich people who are spending their money in something stupid and they don´t know how to spend it.
The poor people need our help. Every day there are 25.000 of children who die. During the last decade, two million children were killed in wars and 150 million are exploited labor, there are four million babies die in their first month of life, 500,000 women die annually during childbirth, 82% of children not receiving antibiotics and two million of children less than 14 have AIDS, 600 million children worldwide are victims of poverty and 100 million live on the streets looking for life.

There a lot of children like this child, they went only eat.
  Nowadays, there are   some rich who are helping a lot of people,   but even so there are still dead. But,also there are some rich people who think it´s not  important to help other people who need it those kind of people are calling them selfish, they only think in himself, they think it can be dangerous help other´s for the future.

I went  to told you about one photograph, because I don't find the true video, so I will explain you what are happening in this picture:

In the picture, there is one vulture waiting to eat the child when he is die. The guy is die because he is very very hungry and he haven´t got nothing to eat, while other rich child are choosing between chips with mayonnaise or chips with ketchup. (When the American photograph saw that image he suicide.)

    My arguments

I think, the world are clasificate into 3 big groups of people:
  • The poor: they haven´t got anything.
  • The middle class: they aren´t poor and rich.
  • The rich: people with a lot of money, they have got all the things.
I am sure that if one day all the money of the rich are suddenly disappeared and they became poor, would not know what to do and first they are thinking is suicide.
The poor went only: eat, be healthy, live in a house and wear a clean clothes. That's all, is a lot to ask?

   My opinion

I think, if the rich people helps the poor the world is casificate in the middle class.  We must help other´s, because one day you need some one help you. Remember that.

 Mauna Rabhi 


3 comentarios:

  1. Muna you are right but now most of the rich even knowing that many people need they support refuses to help her. And as you said they never think that one day they too would need help.

  2. Muy goal to write this texte is to reflect by the world around us and there are not justice for everyone, at the end we are human and the end of our journey in one place: Death.
    In that reason the money is not the most importante thing, the most importante thing is to be healthy and the more importante thing is to see a beautiful smile.

  3. A text which should make us think and reflect about many different things