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domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013



Sharks are normally treated like killers or dangerous animals but I can say that dogs kill more humans than them.
In most cases of human killed by sharks, the shark confuses humans with seals or small sea lions, or it has been stimulated with blood.

I can say that dolphins are more aggressive than sharks as you can see in the video and they make them (the sharks) get scared.
Normally sharks are not killed by their ecosystem’s neighbours, but humans are killing them at the moment in passive forms (sharks get trapped in nets and contamination) and in an active form: hunting them for their teeth, jaws and fins (to prepare shark’s fin soup), People normally now the most famous species of sharks:
The hammer head shark, the white one and the whale one; but there are a lot more of them: the tiger shark, the goblin shark, the fox shark, the angel shark and the cookie cutter shark who is the most dangerous one, because it eats you alive as shown in the video. This is the shark and its trail video----http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiV7UKFWvHE.

There are more than 200 of species of sharks.
Sharks are pacific creatures that only eat if they really need it
They are able to loss 1000 teeth in a year and regenerate them.

They have an extremely sensitive sensorial system and can notice also electric currents.
Finally I expect that your vision of sharks has changed and now you respect these animals.

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  1. I always respect these animals. Very interesting article about one of the most amazing animals in the oceans