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viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013


Anime is funny and interesting.
The word anime is abbreviated pronunciation of ''animation'' and The anime is done with hand-drawn or computer animation.
In anime you can see a lot of types that you want, for example:

-KodomoThe anime is directed to children

-Shōnen: The anime is directed to teenagers

-Gore: The anime is very bloody

-Shōjo: The anime is about love between
 a man and a woman

-Yaoi: The anime is about love between
two man

-Yuri: The anime is about love between 
two woman

-Ecchi: The anime is erotic

All of us have seen one anime.
Doraemon is anime, Hamtaro also, One piece also and shin chan.
Who has not seen this series? All people  have seen this series at least one time.

Francisco Baños Hernández

2 comentarios:

  1. A very interesting "universe". I didn't know about the existence of this variety of cartoons

  2. yeah! it is a very interesting way of killing time when you haven't got anything to do.