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martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013


Gender violence is a phenomenon that prevails today.
What are the real causes of this phenomenon ....?
how society could end this phenomenon ...?
In my opinion the main causes of male violence are:
a. The unfair law against women: It facilitates man's dominion over this.
b. Ignorance among both in living beings
c. The little tolerance now remains in coexistence
To end this great phenomenon that is killing several  women there are many solutions. As reflection; abusers should begin to reflect on their mistakes and fix them begin to think that the woman is not made to be a slave, think not is an object that can do what they want!And the big problem is that the victims do not speak! qudan not be silent struggle to end that fear they have! Woman speaks no streets you can overcome this you are able
It is a pity that in the XXI century still having men who can not appreciate women as they really deserve ....!


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  1. We all must fight against this problem. Our best weapon: education