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domingo, 12 de enero de 2014

HOW TO INVENT SOMETHING? jaime minguela sastre

   Have you ever thought I can invent ?
 what can I do for doing my life easier 
 than now ?
 You can study and think all the time that
  you won't probably think about something 
 new,useful or concrete (you can think in
 revolutionary cream but you can not process
 it and there are lots nowadays)
 For example the microwave and penicilin 
 have been created by mistake.
 But if you aren't thinking on it you
 will probably discover something(if you
 observe your environment)
 That was the reason because of humans
 have succeeded in survival.
 We are perfect at the time of inventing 
 because of our enormous brain.(In comparation  with another animals)

 Our creative capacity is not normal and 
 evolution has ´´runned´´ more than normal
 in the creation of our brain like it is now
 Lots of crazy people think that aliens have
 experimented with monkeys and created the  first ´´human´´.But that´s ridicoulous. 

 Someday someone will create things like  ingravity systems and others but that´s too
 far from now.



2 comentarios:

  1. You are talking about our creative strength and our overpowered brain,but then you realise that other stuff (like ingravity systems)are to far away from been created now.Dont you think that if our discoveries are increasing so fast ,this kind of things would not be that far?I hope that that does sense. Good job ,Jaime

  2. Great entry. With a lot of useful information. It is quite interesting