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martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013

Do you know about cars?

How to do a car?

The cars are done in an assembly line,  they go moving slow for a rail and they are putting on different elements. In all the process robots and people  participate.

  1. The engineers design cars.
  2. Robots do the auto body: the external part of the car.
  3. After they makes up I inform to pistol or putting it in a big basins.
  4. The machines place inside first the engine and later all them elements.
  5. Finally, they put the doors and the wheels.
  6. They revue if the car are working well and after that there are mounted in the trailer that or it will take the concessionaire.
Advices to take care of a car.
All the cars have a book of maintenance to know all the time they touch the vision in the mechanical workshop. Periodically it is necessary to change the oil, check the liquid of brakes, the alignment and the pressure of the wheels. It suits to take the car to the workshop providing that it is fenced to doing a long trip. The wheels have to have the marked well drawing; if it does not have it, is necessary to change it.

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