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martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013


How  To Made A Cake!

Ingredients:                                  Utensils:
-4 eggs                                         -Bowl
-Sugar                                          -Blender
-Flour                                           -Glass 
-Yeast                                          -Mould
-Oil                                              -Dish
-Jam                                            -Brush 
-Desiccated Coconut

How To Make it ......? 

  First we take into the bowl. 4 eggs, a glass of oil, one cup of sugar and flour yeast yogurt Then we beat all ingredients until dough  a mass then poured into a mold (but before we spread the butter so it does not  stick  the cake right out of the mold) and put in the oven for 40 minutes. Now take it out and put it on a plate, we spread jam and finally we take him shredded coconut on top.
Oumayma Taouss    and    Maria Costa Peñalver .

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