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lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013


Imagine Dragons is a band from Las Vegas, Nevada(EEUU). The name of this band is an anagram from a word that only the members know.
The members of the band are from left to right :

  • Ben McKee:he makes backing vocals and plays the keyboards and both electric and acoustic guitar.
  • Wayne Sermon: makes backing vocals and plays both electric and guitar, the cello and tom-tom drums.
  • Dan Reynolds: he is the lead singer and plays the bass drums, the snare drums and the acoustic guitar.
  • Dan Platzman: makes backing vocals and plays the drums, the viola and the cajon.

In September 2009 the band released their first EP called Imagine Dragons as the band. Hell and Silence and It's time were released in June 2010 and 2011 respectively. In February 2012 Continued Silence, their fourth EP, was released with the song It's Time as lead single. In September of that year was released their album debut, Night Visions. The singles Demons, Radioactive and It's Time are in this album. In November of 2021 released another EP called Hear Me.
They have made songs for Frankenweenie, Iron Man 3 and The Hunger Games:Catching Fire.
Also, they write their songs thinking about feeling and personal experiences that have marked their lives translating feelings into art.
Imagine Dragons has won 3 award from 21 nominations, 6 of wich are still pending. 2 of this pending nominations are for the Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Rock Performance and Record of the Year.
Here are two videos. The first one is the official videoclip of the single Demons and the second one is a perfomance of Radioactive live.

                                                 Agustina P. Páez Rueda

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  1. I have never listened this band but now I really want to do it