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domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013



I’m going to do a little critic and summary of the film catching fire.

In the first film the actress is a common person that has played once in the hunger games and she has won with a boy of her district. That wasn’t allowed by the games rule but they have simulated love for evading die.
In this one she does a victory route but she causes a rebellion that she doesn’t want to cause.
The president Snow wants to kill her but not directly for finishing the rebellion.
He sends her to the hunger games that are a special event of survivors of the hunger games and all they are better than normally.
She makes friends and in the hunger games she does an alliance with an old woman and a strong man.
Lots of them die because of the traps of the map.
Some of these traps are: poisonous gas, a tsunami, genetically modified monkeys, birds that shout the names of their friends and family dying (shouting of pain and others) finally she shots an arrow to the dome they are in that its tied with a special cable that transports the energy of a strong thunder, and she is taken by the rebellion leaders and she is healed
The leaders are their family (only a part) and a hunger games veteran.
And the film finishes there.
I think that there is some differences with the original book but all this is for making the film not so long and to occult some surprises of the film.
In conclusion I think that is a good film a typical very violent film but it is not with fire arms practically and because of that it’s different.


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