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martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013


The first day of the Moroccan wedding party held at the home of the bride 's family in attending all your family and friends and acquaintances gather to spend the day together. The second day morning the family of the bride begins with the preparations for the night because the relatives come to take the bride home of these (family of the groom ) and then in the evening when they go with the bride in car to the house and there are waiting for their relatives , friends and acquaintances and groom too . a bride was arranged and the hair and makeup is dressed with the best dress hechan photos and every 1 hour you will be changing the bride dresses and you hechan more and more photos with her ​​future husband, then dinner is prepared and all the guests dancing and enjoying the night until dawn. and the third and final day of the wedding the bride is already WIFE and is at home with her ​​husband and their family tradition ( of the bride ) will prepare and bring l acomida that day and the families to get together one more next to the bride and groom to eat l atrde and spend together.

OumaymaTaouss .

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  1. Very interesting but the dresses are a little bit exagerated. Don't you think so?

  2. But there are a lot of different style, and you can choose them. In this photograph is in the fashion of 2013. There are other fashion for all style you like it.