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domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013


Twilight is a famous international Saga of vampire-themed fantasy romance novels. It's formed by four books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) and it's written by an American author called Stephanie Meyer. There are also more books about the Saga,like The short second life of Bree Tanner and Midnight Sun. 
 It’s about the complicated love between a human called Bella Swan and a vampire called Edward. When Bella, a ‘danger magnet’ whit dark hair and brown eyes, moves to Forks with her father Charlie, she meets the Cullen, an unusual family composed by Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, Rose, Alice, Jasper and, of course, Edward. They are ‘vegetarians’ vampires, with an extremely beauty and awesome powers (Edward can read all the minds except Bella one, Alice sees the future and Jasper controls the feelings). But the love problem comes when Bella meets an old best friend called Jacob, because he is in love with her too, like Edward and he belongs to a group of werewolves, the natural enemy of vampires. Also, Bella has other big problem, her blood smells very good for all the vampires and she knows too much about the vampire’s world.

-In the first book, the Cullen’s family must save Bella of three nomad vampires, Victoria, Laurent and James, because the third of them wants to drinks Bella’s blood. James hunts humans with a delicious blood only for fun; it’s a game for him. He sets a trap to Bella; he makes she believe he has her mother. Bella almost died, but Edward and his family comes at time and they kill the hunter.

-In the second book, Edward thinks his family is too dangers for Bella and they moves to other country, but Alice see Bella jumping in the ocean in one of her visions, and she goes to Forks for confirm it. But when she knows Bella is saving, Rose tells Edward what happened in Alice’s vision and he thinks really Bella is died. Edward visit the Volturis (vampire royalty) because he wants died too. When Bella and Alice know it, they drive as faster as they can to Volterra for save Edward’s life. Edward had planned exposed to sun light fore people, because any humans can know vampire really exist, then the Volturis kill him for break theirs most sacred rule. Bella save him. But she fights for first time with the Volturis, they think she knows too much. Finally Alice shows Aro (the boss) one vision, in which Bella is a vampire. While Aro lets Alice, Edward and Bella go, but he makes them promise to turn Bella into a vampire, if not, the Volturis will must kill her.

-In the third book, Victoria returns to get revenge of Edward for Kill James, but she isn’t alone, she created a group of newborn dangerous vampires (called neophytes). But all the werewolves join up with the Cullen for save Bella and kill Victoria.

 -The Saga changes in the last book, when Bella gets married with Edward and later she gets pregnant. Her baby is a mortal hybrid (half vampire and half human) who grow very faster and is too hard for Bella. Wherefore, when the baby born, Edward turn Bella into a vampire to save her. The love problem with Jacob end when Renesmee born (Bella’s daughter) because he finds soul mate in her. And the problems with the Volturis almost end too, but when a vampire called Irina see Renesmee, she thinks she is an immortal child (his creation is a crime) and she tells to the Volturis, causing a horrible problem for new Bella’s family.

( * Have powers / Couple/  Died)
1-MAIN CHARACTERSEdward Cullen*-Bella Swam, Jacob Black,  Carlisle Cullen-Esme Cullen, Alice Cullen*-Jasper Hale*, Emmett Cullen-Rosalie Hale and Renesmee Cullen*.

-Wolves: Sam, Leah Clearwater, Paul, Jared, Seth Clearwater,  Collin and Brady.
-Human: Charlie Swam, Renee Dwyer, Emily Young, Harry Clearwater-Sue Clearwater,Billy Black, Quil Ateara, Lauren Mallory, Mike Newton-Jessica Stanley, Ángela Weber-Eric Yorkie and  J.Jenks.
-Volturis: Aro*-Sulpicia, Caius-Athenodora, Marcus*-Didyme*, Alec*, Chelsea*-Afton*, Corin*, Demetri*, Felix, Jane*, Heidi*, Renata* and Santiago.
-Newborn vampires created by Victoria: Bree Tanner, Riley Biers and others.
-Vampires of the Amazons: Kachiri, Senna and Zafrina*.
-Vampires of South America: Nahuel and Huilen.
-Vampires of Denali: Eleazar*-Carmen, Irina-Laurent, Kate*, Sasha, Tanya and Vasilii.
-Vampires of Egypt: Amun-Kebi and Benjamin*-Tia.
-Vampires of Rumania: Stefan and Vladimir.
-Vampires of Irland: Maggie* and Siobhan*-Liam.
-Nomads vampires: Alistair*, Charles*-Makenna, Garret, James*-Victoria*, Mary, Peter-Charlotte and Randall. 

+All descriptions (of characters)List of Twilight characters
If you want know the full story of the Saga, you must read all the books or see the films. I know you will love them, because it’s an interesting, amazing and unusual vampire story. 
Meanwhile I show you an important piece of music in Twilight Saga, called 'Bella's lullaby', Edward wrote it for Bella.  I thinks it's very beautifull and I hope you love it too.

The vampires have never been like that :)

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  1. I find this post very interesting, thanks for showing me the fantastic world around these books. Now, I really want to read all of them :)

  2. thanks for these notes as clear about these recommended books. Stimulate and induce reading them.

  3. I have got a question. Was there any normal student in that High School? She falls in love with a vampire and a wolf. Amazing

    1. Of course, there were a lot of normal students. But in my opinion, they weren't as interesting as vampires or wolves.