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lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

Daddy Yankee

                                                         Daddy Yankee

 Daddy Yankee is a singer from Puerto Rico, he was born on February the 3rd of 1977.
 His music style is the reggaeton, its music is very heard in America and Spain.
 Their first album was The Empire Nazza: King Daddy Edition.
 These are their songs:
 1ºAnything had changed
 2ºThousand problems
 3º Calenton
 4ºThe new one and the Former one                                                    5ºWhere this party
 6ºBreak it Cars       http://youtu.be/LIwHBpTlo6I
 8ºSound Boom                                                            
  9ºAn answer
 10ºAllow it to fall
 11ºI am the Boss

 In 2006 he was qualified by magazine Time as one of the 100 people most influent of the world and in 2009 he was named by CCN as a influential celebrity.

                                          - Iván Jiménez Manzano-

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  1. I don't like this style and I hate this man. I can't understand his "influence"