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domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013


                               Welcome to Storybrooke...

Welcome to Storybrooke, Main, a city that doesn' t appear in maps, where nobody can go out, get old or remenber what did they do a few years ago.But is it going to be always the same? No, it isn't. All the life as people in this city have known will change with the arrival of Emma Swan, the only one person that can  come into Storybrooke although she doesn't know that... 

Once Upon A Time is an american  TV-programme made by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz with the music of Mark Isham. It was premiered on the 23th of October 2011 in the channel ABC . It's happens in Storybrooke, Main , a seaside city where the people living there can't remenber what  they did some years ago or what is their age. They  can't also get old, but they don't notice that . It was always the same until an stranger comes to the city. She's Emma Swan a 28 years-old girl without family and that work finding people. She comes there because Henry , her son that she gave in adoption, comes to her flat  to bring her to the city. Then , he told her that all the fairy tailes are true and the people of this city are the characters of them, but they don't remember that because of Regina, the Evil Queen, also as know as the stepmother of Snowhite cast a spell to all the fairy tales' characters for to bring them to a place where doesn't exist the happy endings, our world. First, she doesn't believe that but after she met Henry's stepmother, the mayoress Regina Mills, she decided to stay a little time there for to see Henry. She went to Granny's House,an hostel , where she met Mr.Gold ( Rumplestilskin), the owner of the city  who received Emma like he knows who is she. Finally, the clock of the town hall starts running again and the time unfreezes. 

This TV-programme has got three season , where Emma and all the good characters try to have their happing endings but it isn't easy because there are many bad characters and 'all the magic requieres a price' as Rumplestilskin used to say. ABC is the first channel that put the episodes but you also can find them in AXN, AXN White or recently in Antena 3. Now the second season had finished and I'm going to see the third one in AXN White when it will starts on the 22nd of  November. All the episodes has got two parts : one where the time it's on the present and another where you can watch what happens before Emma comes to the city incluiding those fairy tales parts. Below you can find a little list of the main characters of this fantastic series.
Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan
-Josh Dallas as David Nolan ( Prince Charmig)
-Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret Blanchart ( Snowhite)
-Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills ( Evil Queen)
  -Robert Carlyle as Mr.Gold( Rumplestilskin)( The beast) (The crocodile)

                                                        -Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills 
-Emilie de Ravin as Lacey ( Bella ) 
                                 -Michael Raymond-James as Neal Cassidy ( Baelfire , Rumplestilskin ' son)
Raphael Sbarge as Dr.Archie Hopper ( Jiminy Cricket)
-Meghan Ory as Rubí ( Red Ridding Hood ) (The wolf)
-Jamie Dornan as Sherrif Graham Humberr (The hustman)
-Eion Bailey as August Stand ( Pinocchio ) 
-Lee Arenber as Leroy ( Grumpy)
-Beverly Elliot as Granny ( Widow Lucas , Red Ridding Hood ' s granny)
-Keegan Connor Tracy as Mother Superior ( The Blue Fairy ) 
-David Anders as Dr. Whale ( Dr. Victor Frankenstein ) 
-Tony Amendola as Marco ( Geppetto )
-Giancarlo Esposito as Sydney Glass ( Genie/ The Magic Mirror )
-Sarah Bolger ( Princess Aurora)
-Jamie Chung ( Mulan)
Julian Morris ( Prince Felipe)
-Robbie Kay ( Peter Pan)
-Rose Mclver ( Tinker Bell)
-Joanna García ( Ariel )
-Gil McKenny ( Prince Eric ) 
-Ethan Embry as Owen Flynn/Greg Mendell 
-Sonequa Martin-Green as Tamara
-Sebastian Stan as Jefferson ( Jefferson , the Mad Hatter )
-Barbara Hershey ( Cora / Queen of Hearts / Regina's mum)
-Alan Dale as Albert Spenser ( King George )
-Jorge García ( Antón )
-Anastasia Griffith as Kathryn Nolan ( Princess Abigail  , King Midas' daughter)

I really like this series because although it's sometimes difficult to understand, Once Upon a Time is really exciting and amazing. If you like fantasy , mistery and adventure series it's going to be perfect for you. Finally I recommend all the people to see it because it doesn't looks like really fairy tales for children and in the list of the characters you can see that they  aren't the same as we imagine in books. For to end this entry I just want to put something that Cora and Regina used to say  and I hope you like it .

'Magic is power'

-Andrea Martínez Cazorla-

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  1. It is a very interesting drama, mixing magic with real life. An awesome story full of magic events

  2. Of course it is! I hope you like it! Thanks :)