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lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013


This year the trends of fall and winter have been going strong especially in prints , prints that are present in trousers, skirts, sweaters and shirts.
Here I show a few trends that will be seen everywhere:

During the summer we saw the emergence of "crop tops " , this trend was in all stores, this winter we will view them as sweatshirts or T-shirts but this time will be long sleeves. The only problem that I see is that the "crop tops " are much better with nothing below but of course , by this time we will need another shirt underneath.

This print we could see other years but in very specific things . But now is when we'll actually see on T- shirts or trousers. Clothes are full of flowers in any color or size, generally roses will prevail. I really love this trend because it gives it a very fixed with a simple shirt and jeans. And if you prefer a t-shirt or sweatshirt you can go casual but not completely.

We return to the trend that was about four years ago . The famous plaid or "tartán print" is what takes more this year. There are all tips of clothes and shoes for girl or boy, so that even if you have nothing not wait to buy some tartán print.

What do we mean by animal print ? We refer to wear clothes or shoes with the skin of an animal , not real , stamped .
Especially this year the tiger , zebra and leopard dominate
Last year we also saw a T-shirt but nothing else , unlike this fall / winter we will see a great variety of things.I find it very funny, we should be very careful when we combine this print to give maximum prominence to the garment.

And the last trend is a trousers: the jeggings are a mix between jeans and leggings.This mixture results in a super skinny jean yet elastic waist and leg. Visually there is no difference with the typical jean. In my opinion the jeggings are better than any other pants, for comfort, for its elasticity and it feel really good.

And yet could speak of trends such as leather, denim shirts, heeled boots with the sole toothed or wool. But I think the most important are all are.

Stefanía Muñoz Martínez

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  1. I hate fashion but I like this article, quite interesting. Do you think a crop-top will suit me?