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martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

Greenland´s Mega Canyon

Some scientists from Bristol´s University in England have discovered a huge canyon under the ice in Greenland.The cayon is about 750 kilometers long and it´s depth is almost 800 meters,wich means that it is as deep as the Great Cayon ,in Arizona.

They think the canyon is earlier than the ice layer that has been covering it for the last millions of years.To compare it with something,the longest river in England,the Servern river,has 350 kilometers and it is less long and wide than the Greenland Cayon.

The scientists mesured and reconstructed the landscape thanks to the data that the NASA and Germany scientists have been storing for many decades using an airborne radar.

.But during the analysis of the radar data,they discovered that the cayon extended almost from the center of  the island to the upper part of it, dividing itself in different paths that lies to different zones of the island connecting with the Atlantic Ocean

The scientists said that it is transporting all the subglacier-melted water to the ocean.

-Jandro López Gómez-

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  1. It would be incredible to discover or study all the natural richness that our planet may have under the ice and under the sea. This is just only an example