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domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013

Funny rooms (;

Do you want to decorate your room in a different and original way ?

Do you have little space and you don´t know where to put your things?

I present you the new technologies that make possible everything:

 A perfect room for kids with imagination.
This room has got a lot of  space and funny colors. There they
can sleep, do their homework, save their clothes ... They can do more
things having the same area.
I like this model because it looks like a loft in a little room with high ceilings.
The orange and the brown make a pacific place in the house.

This is a very funny house of the reverse in the middle of the forest. It can attracts many people of different parts of the city or of the world because people like taking photos of rare things.
The furniture is also of the reverse so you gain very much space.

The family that will live in this house it won´t be happy because I don´t think that they will be enable to use the furniture. I would like to live here and I either recommend it for you for the previously mentioned reason.


This room is my favourite one because is wonderful and it has got an incredible conference under the sea.
It looks like a submarine in the sea bed.
It hasn´t any problem because the house is perfect. The only thing that can be a nuisance is the price. This house costs about the million dollars!

María Kravchynska. 

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