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sábado, 12 de octubre de 2013


Chicago The Musical. 

This is Chicago The Musical. It's created by Fred Ebb, and inspired in the novel by Maurine Dallas Watkins (there is a play too), a journalist in 'Chicago Tribune'.

It's inspired by real crimes that Maurine had written in the newspaper 'Chicago Tribune', for which she worked. It is mainly about the corruption of the law.

This musical premiered on Broadway in 1975; in the actually Richard Rodgers Theatre. The choreografy have been made by Bob Fosse and the music by Jhon Kander. This show has a universal fame, jazz, a lot of songs, and there is a film too. It has six Tony awards, a Grammy and two Olivier awards.

I think it's a great musical and 
with a lot of great dancers 
and singers. 
Here you have my 
favourite scene of the musical.

This is a link of the musical representation in Madird, Spain.
The scenery, the live music, and the dancers are fantastic.

I really recommend Chicago The Musical musical because I think it's very entertaining and funny. I hope you like it.

María López Vigueras.

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  1. I like it! Is this your favourite musical or do you prefer others?

    1. I can't choose just one musical. I haven't got one favourite. I really like Grease, Chicago, Cats, Annie, West Side Story...