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miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

The Lion

Los Leones y sus Caracteristicas
The lion is a carnivore Animal class , they eat meat, for example they zebras, buffalo, antelope , etc ... are mammals and large .  Measuring about 3.3 meters tall females are about 2.7 meters long , including the tail .They can weigh about 270 kg and its size is huge . 1 meter high . Average weight of 125-180 kg . They are very active at night and rest day , living in the jungle , on the savannah , where shrubs , and besides all is the king of the jungle. Her hair is soft . The Lion constumbres are: hunting , sleeping, playing around with each other, etc ... They can live up to 25 years , some may exceed this age. Lions are capable of killing people, but when the lions get sick , injured or old hyenas attack and eat slowly .In relatively recent times the habitat of lions spanned from the Iberian Peninsula to the west of India , and most of Africa. In Europe , the lions became extinct in historical times.

                                                Mauna Rabhi

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  1. One of my favourite animals. Have you ever seen one?

    1. Yes, but I don`t see them personally only in the picture, in the televition or in he zoo.So, I like experiment something new like this description of this type of animal