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lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Group Scout "La Purísima nº87"

Group Scout "La Purísima nº87"

I talk about my scout group. We are in El Palmar, and we do a lot of things to help the people and be happy. Because when you help people you feel a lot of things that can´t be described. What is more beautiful than a smile?  more than see people happy ?
Here we do a lot of activities: Camps, night of cinema, to help associations, ecological barbecue,... I´m proud of my same one for the things that I am capable of doing and today I am six years in the scouts and I want to continue. For me is the best feeling of my life. When the people ask me what are you doing in the scouts,  I don´t know the answer  becouse you need To live it to know what is. I love the scouts and I have never seen anything similar


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  1. I really like the scout groups, you make a lot of interesting things and you help other people.