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viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

The Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy are a team of fictitious superheroes published by Marvel Comics in 1969. The original Guardians of 1969 appeared for the first time in the monthly magazine Marvel Super-heroes (January 1969), created by Arnold Drake and drawn by Gene Colan. The modern team of 2008 was created by Give Abnett and Andy Lanning.

 Destructive Drax: Their main power is force and superhuman resistance, as well as to project rays of cosmic energy from its hands.

Gamora: last survivor of her race, Thanos adopts it to transform it in her weapon, dominating the martial arts soon and being known in the universe like the most lethal woman in the whole galaxy. 

Starlord: He is a teacher strategist and mediator of conflicts that he is an expert in the combat at short distance, technical of combat and a wide knowledge of the societies and extraterrestrial customs.

 It also possesses a suit that grants him force and increased durability, besides the ability of traveling through the space.

Rocket Raccoon:  it comes from an abandoned colony where the mascots were manipulated genetically to give intelligence to human level and capacity of moving in two paws to be unwrapped as the interns custodians.

Groot: it is an extraterrestrial plant that was destroyed and shoddy several times.One of their characteristics is that he knows how to say their name.

                          Iván Jiménez Manzano

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  1. To give thanks to Pedro, to give me the information of the characters of this comic, I will read it to me

  2. Great entry. I didn't know this comic characters. It seems to be funny

  3. This comic can that it is not as well-known as it is well spiderman, but this good comic