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domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

What about playing Vivaldi's Seasons while you are jumping?

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"Ara Malikian is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant and
expressive violinists
of his generation. Possessing a unique 
style forged from their origins and rich musical experience, his
violin is rising as one of the most original and innovative voices
in music.

                    Ladies and gentleman! 

Are you ready to hear about a music virtuous? Someone who isn't afraid of jumping and living in his violin? Someone who is probably the most craziest and amazing violinist of these times? 
Then, if you are ready, let's start talking a little bit of Ara Malikian's life.

Ara Malikian was born  in 1968( so , he is 46 years old) in Lebanon , though he has members of his family that are from Armenia. 
Since he was quite young , he played the violin with her father , a very strict man that introduced him in the wonderful world of the music. He had a hard childhood because his country was in a war so,  it wasn't strange that he was sometimes playing in a air-raid shelter. 
Malikian gave his first important concert when he was only 12 years old and later , he was invited to study in the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover in Berlin, being the youngest student there. Next, he continued his studies in  Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. 

                   His music style

He has assimilated the music of other cultures like those of the Middle East (Arab and Jewish), Central Europe (gipsy and Klezmer), Argentina (tango) and Spain (flamenco)all within a very personal language with virtuosity and expressiveness of the great European classical tradition.

                  In his career as musician...

He has actually participated in a lot of orchestras of more 40 countries and in fact, he has an own orchestra called 'La Orquesta en el Tejado' with which he plays in differents places like Spanish Theatre of Madrid and... the streets!

                                          Time to see a video!

Malikian has released more than 40 CDs like Spanish Romantic , Far, With the Eyes Closed, Pizzicato ... And he has also being galardonaded with a lot of important and well-known awards in the music world like those ones: "Felix Mendelssohn" (1987 Berlin, Germany) "Pablo Sarasate" (1995 Pamplona, ​​Spain), "Niccolo Paganini" (Genoa, Italy), "Zino Francescatti" (Marseille, France), "Rodolfo Lipizer" (Gorizia Italy) "Musical Youth" (Belgrade, Yugoslavia), AND A LOT MORE!

He has also composed some BSO of films and he participates in projects to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged, especially when children are involved. Specifically, each year, he works with the NGO "Action against Hunger". 

I get all of this information from is official page that it is  very interested and usefull if you also want to know in which country is he playing now or his newest works:

             Ara Malikian's Official Page :)

And here it is his Twitter account: @AraMalikian 

             Me , I have started following him , would you do the same?

I'm also going to let you here a link of Youtube in which you will find out how beautiful is the music of Malikian and... how he jumps , hops , runs and dances while he is playing! Yes , this is true! He is awesome , don't you think? 

I recommend you to see some videos about 'My first Four Seasons' that belongs to Vivaldi's work but Malikian decided to interpret them to the youngest people in the funniest way possible!


Puerto González & Ara Malikian 
Finally , I just want to say thathe has been presenting the programme 'Pizzicato' in TVE for four years with the pianist Puerto González . In this programme ,Malikian motivates young people
 to love the clasic music as another way of doing music that isn't as boring as some people think it is . The programme 
is on The 2 of TVE on Saturdays morning at 12.00 pm. Don't lose it!

Official page of "PIizzicato"

Time to listen to some classical music! :)

"Ara Malikian: Pizzicato is a special formula to make children and young people perceive that there is another kind of music, different from the one heard in other more commercial channels. Pizzicato fosters a love of classical music enthusiasts and conquest. "

I really wish there will be more crazy musicians like him , though in my opinion he is unique !

And now, I'm to going to end this entry with a phrase that I think that reflects the way of being and                                                     feeling  of those that LOVE MUSIC:


Andrea Martínez Cazorla


4 comentarios:

    I didn't know who is Ara Malikian until today. Thanks Andrea for showing us the wonderful musical talent of him :) I have enjoyed very much reading your entry :)

  2. The more music styles you mix the best the music will be. Open mind is essential for all the artists and music is not an exception

  3. Thanks a lot Laura for your comment , it makes me so happy to make you know a violinist you didn't know who exits until today , because as you know I love playing and listenning to music ( specially the classic music ) and also making the others loving this kind of music as much as I do. :)

  4. And Carlos, I really like what you said and I completely agree with you. If some people wouldn't improvise and change things , well... the world of the arts won't be like it is today , probably it would be a little bit boring , always doing and listening to the same things ! :)